Officially Introducing “Artzzle”

The Artzzle site is finally real and available to all, after many months of trial and error, researching various website and blog programs.

I’m Cheryl and Artzzle is my latest daydream come true. I of course, am happy and thrilled, but you, in just finding the site, may feel it a bit raw in the newness. You’re invited (and encouraged) to follow along, as the site improves and I continue to discover and incorporate more of the wonders of the WordPress program.

Yep, I’m a true daydream believer. Besides being fun, it has always been beneficial to me, both for artistic inspiration and as a great stress reliever! After not so recently leaving the “official work world” I found that I needed a purpose beyond my home place. Not too far beyond though because my home, family and pets are my greatest loves and assets.

Artzzle is all about “homes” and how ANYONE can make their home a special place, no matter the location, or size of your budget and space. The site will feature art and decor ideas, projects, tips and information; insites I’ve gained through education, occupation and experimentation. Imagination always plays a big part too. Through the site I hope to share and compare with readers, make new friends, renew old friendships and continue to both teach and learn.

We’ll have lots of pictures, tons of fun. Click “Follow” at the top of page, to come along.

Later – Cheryl


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