Cards for Mother’s Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day. As a floral designer, I know it is a big, busy day for that industry and reason for card companies to celebrate! As a Mother and Grandmother, I love the anticipated arrival of either cards, flowers, or better yet both! What fun.

A card is always appreciated, but is even more special with a personal touch. I enjoy making and sending hand-crafted greeting cards, and am sharing these latest projects with you. This is a Make-Do project for me; no need for outside shopping or spending because over time, I’ve amassed an abundant supply of papers, scrap, notions and envelopes.

Cards can be as basic as paper and envelope, with simple decoration and a hand-written message (and a little help from parents for pre-schoolers!). A standard size and weight piece of paper folded in half then in half again, gives you the typical card form and fits into what’s called an “invitation” envelope; both very affordable and found at any craft or office supply store. This is mailed with a normal stamp.

Card-stock, stationery weight and light chipboard are my standard starter papers. These are sturdy enough to support dots and glued cut-outs on just a one-fold design. Pre-cut, padded, double-sided, decorative card-stock was used here. The sheets even featured rounded corners which dresses up the project.

Supplies are pictured. Two sheets of paper for each card; the less bold pattern was used inside so the written (or here, printed) message would stand out on the design. The second sheet is used for the decorative cut-outs you’ll use to raise, layer and decorate your design. Self-adhesive dots were used to lift my pattern. The glue wheel was for the flat pieces I layered, and the inside decorative cut-outs.

TIP 1: Double sided paper allows you to do an adjusted fold for added pizzaz. This is simply where you don’t fold the paper exactly in half, but leave a margin at the edge of your card, which shows the inside design for accent.

TIP 2: Have extra scrap paper or card board off to the side of your work area, to use when you apply your wheel glue strips to your cut-out pieces. A pair of small tweezers is sometimes helpful to pick up and position your glued cut-outs.

TIP 3: When making and mailing larger, raised cards you’ll want an envelope big enough to allow for the extra bulk, and you’ll also need extra postage. You can either just add one more regular stamp, or have the Post Office weigh your card for exact postage needs. NOTE: My cards were made on 11.75″ x 5.75″ sized stock, and required a larger envelope AND extra postage.

Everyone have a nice Mother’s Day. Remember mom’s, grandma’s and the wonderful friends who fill in, if those special women are no longer with you.

And remember, with any project . . . don’t stress, just start.

Until next time – Cheryl


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