Looky, Looky


Hooray, outside days are back.

Last Sunday between showers, I managed to plant some annuals which have already taken hold. All week I’ve had to mow small sections between the storms. My yard looked liked a giant patchwork quilt! Yesterday rain held off long enough to dry things out and I finished it all before an evening downpour. Yay!

Today, well, WOW ! A little windy but beautiful! I’m off soon on Friday errands and grocery shopping but wanted to post first, as am always pooped from all that running around! After dragging everything in and putting it away, I take a short sit-down break with a cool drink.

On the subject of drinks, here’s my favorite. It’s refreshing, affordable, good and good for you too.

All you need is
1. A pretty goblet (always decorating 🙂
2. A favorite fruit juice
3. A little sparkling water

The mixture I use is 1/3 juice to 2/3’s seltzer water, +/- to taste.
I use 100% apple juice NOT FROM CONCENTRATE. The juices from concentrate are more heavily processed, and have added sugars and preservatives. As a diabetic, the more natural juice is better for me. You can use any fruit juice or blend that you like. I hear cran-apple is great! (and if you prefer a little more zip, add a drop or two of your chosen alcholic mixer. That works too!)

I’ll close this time with one more pretty flower shot and a hint.

HINT: If you’re not keen on gardening but still crave some summer color, catch the next post. It’s a quick project, easy to do and real affordable too.

Meantime, don’t stress, just start.


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