Rainy Day Rendezvous

Living in the country always offers something unexpected. In the midst of yet another rainy day, I discovered these visitors on my back garden fence.

Would have loved to have been outside and gotten a little closer. This is the best I could do on zoom, through a window and the rain. Actually there is a third guest, a little green hummingbird camouflaged in the wegelia bush (pink blossoms in top photo). I just couldn’t get close enough to catch him on camera.

Right now, two projects are in the works. First is a “staging” article, where you’ll see the difference between “decorating” your home “and staging” it to sell, because yes, they are very different. Also coming soon is a piece featuring some really fun things I found on a recent barn pick and what was done with them.

Meantime, with any of your projects, don’t stress – just start.

Until next time – Cheryl


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