My Favorite Freddy


Tears are tumbling down my cheek, as I mourn the loss of my Freddy, so sweet. He barely made it to year eleven before he went to puppy heaven. He leaves behind a sad mom and dad, and the best sis and brother a dog ever had.

Litter brother Fozzy, sis Gracie and Freddy.

If you are a pet person, you know that even in a family atmosphere, while a dog likes everyone, he really belongs to just one, he’s that person’s dog. While dogs have almost always been a part of my family life, I’ve never really had one that was truly “my dog”. They all loved me but had a different family member as their favorite person. The boys, Fozzy and Fred, both chose me. They are my shadows, my protectors, my companions and comforters. They are labrador/newfoundland mixes and we have never had more tactile, loving, intelligent or comical dogs. Yes, these silly siblings have cracked us up many times over the years.

Out of a litter of 13 pups, 12 lived. Fozzy was the biggest and Freddy, the runt. We only intended to take Fozzy home, but no one had chosen Fred, and he tore at our heart strings, he was so adorable. The rest is, as they say, history.

Like a newfie, Fred was snuggly with long, soft fur, but inside he was all retriever. Until just a few weeks before we lost him, he still wanted to chase that ball 24/7. I’m sure he’s still running for it up in doggy heaven.

Freddy with THE ball and Gracie.

Thank you Freddy, for bringing so much love and joy to our lives. We’ll remember you always.

Goodbye our favorite Freddy, the one we love more than any other Freddy … in the whole world.


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