When things just don’t come together

Hi everyone. Sorry no posts yet this week. After two attempts, I had a lot of good ideas, yet nothing was cominig together. But you know me, three is my lucky number, so let’s hope the third time is a charm.

Everybody has times when things just don’t gel well. Interiors don’t always come together when we’d like them to, either. But hey, it’s your home. There’s no time limit on buying the right couch. Registering a polished style by a certain age, is not a requirement. You won’t receive a bad grade if you try the wrong paint color. So relax.

Last weekend my guests and I relaxed … by shopping. We explored a huge antique store in Elk River, had a sandwich lunch in a quaint little bakery there and hit some great thrift and outlet stores on the way home. Was that ever fun and look what I found.

Not sure what I’ll do with the three bright buckets but for now they are hanging on my studio rack, just looking pretty and making me feel good. They were $1 each at the Elk River Goodwill.



At the moment, my living areas have several different tans, browns and metallic colors so this rug pattern is a perfect addition. It’s also a triple duty piece, as it can be used in two other rooms as well.

Look closely and you’ll see a furry black face on a chair in the family room. That would be Fozzy! He’s never far away from me.

The 5 x 7 new rug was a bargain for $49.99 at the Milaca Unclaimed Freight outlet. An 8 x 10 would have been a better fit, but that pattern & size weren’t in the store, and though only $99.99, it wouldn’t have been in my budget either. So, I took the leaf out of the dining room table, and got a fresh new look.

Below are some fun finds from an earlier trip to Discovery Thrift Store in Milaca, Minnesota. Not a formal grouping, just wanted to show each of them to you.


The apple cookie jar jumped out at me on the shelf and $2.99 was budget friendly. The cup & tray set was a new item, still in the box. Another good deal at $2.99, with modern colors and a funky design. These mini books are popping up everywhere lately. They’re fun and just the right size for a party favor or an accent on a gift package. This is one of three purchased for just $0.49 each.

We all search out decor ideas, we want and work for a certain look, but sometimes it just doesn’t come together right away. Decorating is meant to develope with you over time, not for you on a scheduled date. Part of the fun is in the finding, the collecting of the treasures that will tell your story.

Please don’t be like a former neighbor of mine, who never felt competent or comfortable with any aspect of decorating. A living room stood empty for years. I visited one day and the door opened to reveal a fully furnished frontroom. Every item in a styled showroom had been purchased, and set up exactly that way in her room. As a stager and showroom stylist, I have to say it was beautiful. But it was staged NOT decorated.

“There, it’s done” she proclaimed. “Now I can forget about it”, and she did just that. In all the time we knew them, it remained a forgotten room, just an acceptable way to greet visitors. Her “proper” tree was displayed in the window every Christmas for passers-by to see, but no flames ever warmed the fireplace. No one ever snuggled on the cozy couch in front it.

There IS a difference between Staged and Decorated. Catch an upcoming post for more info.

Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your week and remember, don’t stress, just start.

Later – Cheryl

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