Easy Make Halloween Mobile

Artzzle.com Halloween Mobile

Hi All.

Hope you’re having fun with the FREE HALLOWEEN PRINTABLES I sent you last time.

Here’s the mobile I made using mine.

Artzzle.com Halloween Mobile

Could this be any easier? And all you need besides papers for your cutouts, is a nice open branch, a cuphook ( a hook with a screw top) and some light weight, clear fishline (I used 8 LB line). Seriously, the hardest part of this project for me was … tieing the stupid fishline, as I’m all thumbs with fine work!

I put this in our family room and it looks great out there in it’s own little corner of my world.

These are the cutouts I showed last post … FREE HALLOWEEN PRINTABLES


Have fun with these and as always, don’t stress about it, just start!

Later – Cheryl

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7 thoughts on “Easy Make Halloween Mobile

  1. Reminds me of the mobiles I used to make when I lived in Boston and had access to beaches – collected seaweed and shells and hung them from irregularly balanced branches to have long dangly shapes moving gently as though pushed by ocean current.

    • No problem. I kind of like life feeling slightly nuts but not the off kilter part. I have Meniere’s so life is too often off kilter for me. Ick! Hope your kilter straightens out soon! Really enjoy your site.

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