Halloween Handout Fun


Well, tomorrow is Halloween! Whether you’re in the “can’t wait” or the “can’t wait till it’s over” category, it’s almost here. For anyone needing something last minute, try this low to no stress, quick and cost-effective project.

I purchased some plain, brown paper, lunch bags at Wal-Mart; $1 for a package of 50 bags (so you’ll probably be seeing more projects with these).

that I’ve shared lately, I just cutout a few and hot glued them to each side of the bag. They don’t have to be double sided, so just use any fun paper you have. I always use funky designs for the spiders and bugs!

I wanted to have some depth and movement, so instead of just gluing them flat onto the bag, I made a gentle fold down the center of the piece, then applied a strip of hot-glue just along the back side of the fold and attached it to the bag. The bats and the bugs are the best, because they flap around.

Where we live, handout bags are fine because we don’t get many trick or treaters. Our house is in the country, sitting at the back of a 5 acre parcel. True, there’s a county road at the front, but with only seven houses in our development, we just don’t have a lot of people stop in.

So, I decided to make individual bags for each of the seven young kids in our little community, and I’m actually going to fill them and deliver them personally … this evening. Then just close up tomorrow night. The dogs won’t be as noisy that way, but we’ll still have fun for the kids.

However you and yours spend the evening, have a happy … and safe Halloween.

Later – Cheryl

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