Debunking Awful Decor Myths

Regulars at Artzzle know my feelings about rules in decorating. I think of rules as stair steps. You have to take some steps to get to the top, but it’s just fine to skip a few along the way. It’s been proven that some of the design “rules” that once were law, have long since been repealed (or should have been).

Ah … HOUZZ, you all know I love that website. A designer featured there recently, confirms everything I support, suggest and see through in my projects. Perhaps it’s the common age or the fact that we’ve both been doing this … well … forever, but I had to share her article with you. You’ll read “no matchy, matchy”; “yes, dark colors can be used in a small space”; “yes, it is just fine to mix woods and metals … and big shock … even pieces with different styles”. Sound familiar, readers? Exactly!

So everyone, meet Becky Dietrich. Click the photo, absorb and enjoy!

Artzzle Updates: Projects in progess with tutorials coming soon. Wait till you see what I found for $15.00 this week. You’ll love it!

REMEMBER to REMEMBER: Veteran’s Day is coming up this week. Thank your vets for their service to us all.

As always, don’t stress, just start.
Later – Cheryl

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