B4 and Afters!

We like seeing pictures on blogs … pictures … pictures … and MORE PICTURES, right!

Some of the most popular and requested items are photos of Before and After’s. Today’s post has a bit different slant to the B&A idea. You’ll see during Christmas and then the afters, the January Jazzed-Up look. See what you think.


The painting stayed in place and was left as-is. Often times, I wrap my larger art pieces in holiday paper to connect them to the rest of the décor. Such as in a previous season … below.


But remember, I had a minimal look going, so didn’t cover anything here. I was just less enthused this time … OK, yah … a little lazy!

This corner shelf is always a “reader favorite”, wanting to see the newest displays there. Here are two holiday looks and the January display.

Here are some looks at the cupboard tops. It’s hard to get everything into one picture.

Holiday this past season.

The Jazzed Up look isn’t too jazzy yet. Kind of bare, but I’m still in contemplation mode.

The wall by the front door always has a display of three items.
Two during various Christmas displays and the January look.

Before I leave, did you happen to notice the new chairs in the living room? They’re “new-to-me” pieces that I found on Craigslist. Located in the south suburbs close to my son’s place, he picked them up for us. We took them home on our Christmas visit … and BIG SURPRISE … son & his lady made these our present (so no payment needed). Yay! Thanks.

This last gallery will show you the entire LR from corner to corner, beginning in the SW corner with the shelves, and going to the right and around the room. The “new” chairs are on each end of the sofa.

HEY, are you are curious about the price of those “new to me” chairs?
Say yes … say yes! (It was UNBELIEVABLY low)
Send me a reply in the comments section, and I’ll give you the low-down.

Until next post, as always, try don’t stress but get started on something.
Later – Cheryl

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4 thoughts on “B4 and Afters!

  1. I admire the energy and thought that goes into your constantly changing decor. I instead have most everything ‘out’ all the time – occasionally feel like the spaces are too cluttered but don’t want to put anything away. Since so many walls of my home are windows, I quickly run short of places to show things off. Perhaps the answer is to accumulate less? But what would I do then with the lovely glass vase gifted to me, or the piece of rough coral, or the petrified wood I found on my land?

    • Over the years, residing in varied sizes of apartments and homes, I’ve become quite concious about three things; 1. all my “treasures”; (and my reluctance to part with them) , 2. the difficulties having to pack and move all of them, and 3. options for storage. Now, consider my physical and mental need for open spaces and cleared surfaces; and an insatiable desire to change and rearrange constantly.. It can be a dilemma, heh heh.

      You have a writing background, I worked in forms design and advertising. In those fields, we both know the drudgery and difficulty in editing, but the extreme importance of doing so. We make our own edits … and then hand it over to THE editor, who really shaves it down, right!

      I adivse clients to “make their homes their personal stories”. That is premised with “but don’t force people to read the entire book all at once.” I suppose you could say I recommend displaying a chapter or two at a time.

      Thanks so much for the reply. You’ve given me a great idea for a future post! Enjoy your Sunday.

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