MICHAEL’S & hometalk . . . Sunday, PINTEREST Event

Hi All.

Hey, don’t miss the MICHAELS and hometalk PINTEREST EVENT . . . tomorrow at your closest Michaels store.
Sunday, February 16, 1 pm – 4 pm at all stores


Don’t just pin it, make it your own. Check out their Pinterest-inspired displays, buy your supplies and meet in their classroom to create your own pin-worthy project.

I have to miss this one, but will be following up on PINTEREST, and with some of my followers/bloggers who are demonstrating in their cities. Leslie over at the SEASONED HOMEMAKER, and Karen from DOGS DON”T EAT PIZZA will be at their particular stores.

Pooped out from all the super SITS blogging this past week, and still in the midst of trying to spruce up Artzzle and get the word out, I’m taking a break from posts for a few days. My mind is on Inspiration and Information OVERLOAD . . . so am stepping back for a breather.

Yeah, yeah . . . I know Valentine’s are so yesterday, but there’s one more YOU HAVE TO READ. It’s hilarious and will be appreciated . . . whatever the date. Just look at the title (if you don’t believe me) VALENTINE’S CARDS, KMART and MY UNDERWEAR



Hey now . . . even Hubs was cracking up over this one! Be sure to tell Kim that you stopped over there from Artzzle.

As always, I’m so glad you spent some time with me today.
And remember, try not to stress about it, just start that project!

Later – Cheryl

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4 thoughts on “MICHAEL’S & hometalk . . . Sunday, PINTEREST Event

  1. Cheryl, what a super Sunday morning surprise! I am totally flattered that you enjoyed my story so much that you were inspired to share it! Wow! Thanks….and I am planning to go to Michael’s today! I’ll let you know what I uncover there! 🙂 Have a great weekend! Kim

  2. The country life isn’t for everyone . . . but some of us love it, right! The two Michaels closest to us are +/- about 40 miles each. I plan a few trips a year to the “bigger” cities. We plot out a whole day of stops and lunch (with Hubs or my girlfriends). It’s something to look forward to. How’s your weather out there today . . . New Mexico, right? Thanks for stopping by.

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