“To Do” . . or . . “Not To Do” that is the question

Hi All.

Hey, CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD JOB DONE . . . to those of you who have recently completed a wall painting project!

So is the new color fine, but you had a little more “umph” in mind? Consider this option next . . . Trims and mouldings.

Trim and moulding, even in small quatities, can instantly dress up a room, and give it a finished look. And it is something that beginners can do and afford, not just the seasoned DIYers.

True, you must be accurate in your measuring and cutting, but newbies can use straight cuts, butted, where as experience allows the more complicated mitered cuts and joints. And your pieces can be anything from inexpensive, primed MDF or pine that you’ll paint, all the way up to solid, finished hardwoods that you stain.

Let’s have fun looking at some wonderful examples from my HOUZZ files.

BEFORE YOU CLICK on the photo below,
just want to let you know . . . what happens next.

  • 1. Click on the photo below
  • 2. On 2nd screen – click that same photo
  • 3. On final (large) screen, click again on the photo to get to SLIDESHOW.

    Man, I hope this works! \:>)

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