Such a “girly” Girl

Gracie Mae is our “girly” girl.

Quite the fashionista . . . she’s always up with the latest looks.
She absolutely adores white shoes . . . and has several pairs.

Gray and pink are trademark colors for Grace . . . in attire AND accessories. ARTZZLE.COM
That scarf goes so nicely with your gorgeous fur coat, Grace.

Leopard print is a fabric of choice so, she had a special throw designed. ARTZZLE.COM
Ooh, Gracie . . . how chic!

As a true Minnesotan, Grace loves every little bit of sunlight, so she puts her favorite chair right by the window. Clever arrangement here, as she can sun and attend to her important guard dog duties, simultaneously.
Wonderful planning, GM.

Always ahead in the decor game too, our gal constantly surrounds herself with home style magazines, and loves all mom’s design books.
Traditional Home is one of her most loved suscriptions.

SPECIAL NOTE HERE: The photo above had a second shot as well, with Grace laying on top of a pile of magazines. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out . . . because I climbed up into the upholstered chair to take it from a different angle . . . but all I took was . . . a terrible fall to the floor. In mid air, just as I said "Whew, I could have hit my head on the piano!" . . . I smashed my back into a metal based ottoman(with very little padding left on top).

LONG STORY SHORT . . . I cracked two ribs, and laid there on the floor, while calling Hubs home from work, for yet another ER trip. Positives to be taken from this. 1. I have sworn off climbing up on anything (at least when I’m the only one home). 2. This pain, while very uncomfortable, is much easier to tolerate than lower back and disk pain. Oh yes, #3. Hubs got off of work!

But now . . . back to Gracie’s story.

Grace is also very economical and environmentally minded. Her favorite toys are the tubes from TP and Paper towels.
Good girl, GM . . . reuse, recyle!

But absolute proof of our “girly girl” claims . . .
Gracie Mae hates mornings!! AHhhh!
Every morning when she hears me coming down the hall . . .
she tries pretending she’s still asleep . . . thinking I’ll go away and leave her alone.

The ploy never works though.
Yah yah . . . OK . . . I'm awake."

But she doesn’t fret for too long . . .
. . . just finds another spot where the sun’s better anyway!

So there you have it . . . the tough and tragic life of Gracie Mae.

Being a good mom, not to be unfair and mean, one day soon, I’ll share Fozz’s routine.

Until then, stay safe, stay positive and . . . don’t stress, just start something.

Later – Cheryl

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9 thoughts on “Such a “girly” Girl

  1. She is too much!! “she loves white shoes” hahaha!!! I can’t believe you fell and broke your ribs trying to get a picture of her! I can relate! It’s tough getting a good picture with terrible lighting! We just had our family pictures taken and we brought our dog, so we put a blue bandana on him, but I just recently saw a post about bow ties for boy dogs!!

    I love Gracie Mae’s perky ears!!

    • GM is a mix . . . half Staffordshire terrier (pit bull) and half Basenji. Her color and muscles are pit bull . . . the ears, longer pointed snout and neck are basenji. She is just a real cool kid!

  2. L.O.V.E. The hot pink collar!! She is too cute. I hope you get to feeling better! Sending love and good healing vibes your way.

    • Yah, today I thought things were really feeling better . . . but then realized, I was just overdo for more medicene. Oh well, it would have been much worse if I had cracked my head on the piano!

  3. First of all…I will admit to feeling a little suspicious of GM’s reading ability as she is looking at the back cover…barely…but then the reading pose is so authentic…maybe it’s just me being a doubting Thomas.

    Secondly what a beautiful little princess! A little vain with all the posing…but…you know …whatever!

    Thirdly. Ouch! And what did Madame GM do to help when you were lying there in agony? If she is anything like my own madame probably licked the top of you ear in sympathy then sauntered off.

    Fourthly, I use old rolls too. I put treats in them, tape them up and let the missus have at it!

    Fifthly. Goodness me no more climbing!

    • Yes, I’ll admit, she’s a bit … vain … and a poser. With a short attention span, she doesn’t read much, just likes to look at the pictures.

      But ever faithful, after all the flailing and falling, Her Highness gave me snuggles and kisses, until I could stop my bawling.

      If there were treats in the paper rolls, GM would probably eat . . . the paper too and not just the treat!

      And I agree . . . no more climbing . . . unless others are here, and I’ll use a safe ladder instead of a chair! 🙂

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