Monday Menagerie

Hi All. How was your weekend? Ours was pretty darn GOOD!

But now, here’s . . . . . . . MONDAY!
It’s cold but bright.
Hey, sunny’s good, right!?
While outside is fine
inside’s not sublime.

Our weekend was all “home-time” and no “house-time”. So today, UH OH, the place is a little messy – make that a LOT messy. Fortunately, I’m in a cleaning/organizing mood and ready to attack! Problem is I also wanted to sneak in a short post today. But about what?

This morning my many emails were FULL OF COLOR, no matter the subject.

So I’ll continue that theme and say . . .
With color, color everywhere.
The subject . . . well, we just won’t care.
I’m cleaning Picture files, so sharing from there.






Finally, MY SWEETEST COMPANIONS in a colorful FALL room

I hope your past weekend was fun.

Friday was included in mine this time, because it was the first day in three weeks that I went out & about on my own, after the March Mishap. Don’t worry though, I didn’t overdo. I did get some shopping in. Went to two thrift stores. Then a bit of daydreaming at our local SHOPKO and on the way home, I hit Mickey D’s drive-thru. (It’s right across the lot from Shopko . . . SO convenient!) My newest MD foodie craves are their “Chicken-Bacon-Cheddar” sandwich and those tasty strawberry cream pies, accompanied by a small fries, of course.

Saturday and Sunday duplicated lots of resting and reflecting. There were plenty “together” moments . . . but enough time for our separate “me” projects too; Hubs in his workshop and I in my office.

Oh, and we saw all our favorite Sunday night PBS shows! That’s a big deal around here! 

That’s about it for today. Just one more thing to say . . . don’t stress, just start something.

And REMEMBER . . . I love comments, so keep them coming!

Later – Cheryl
P.S. Ok, Ok, so I’ll never make Poet Laureate 😦 (Geez, I hope I spelled laureate right)

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9 thoughts on “Monday Menagerie

    • FLORIDA! Oh . . . Boo Hoo, poor you 🙂 We’re said to have icy rain and snow coming tomorrow & Thursday. Oh well, last year it snowed in May too. Hope we don’t have that to look forward to!

  1. Cheryl, I absolutely love all the color, both inside and out! 😉 I am so sorry to hear about your rib mishap. My goodness what a literal pain…and all in the name of art! I totally missed that post…and apparently the ones where you refer to it as well! I usually follow blogs via Bloglovin or my GFC reader, I am not good with email. I get so many emails that I don’t always have time to check them, but I am going to see if I can find you on Bloglovin. I don’t see a follow button here. I do follow on FB, but they aren’t always so good about showing everyone’s posts! Boo! I do really enjoy your blog and would like to keep up on a more regular basis! Feel well!

  2. Just getting to this one – been too busy to open email or read blogs – but your colors arrived on a grey, happily rainy Easter Sunday. They’re my Easter eggs for this year. Thanks!

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