Hi All.  How’s your Friday going?

Well, finally Spring has arrived . . . or at least is very close by.
While we’re all glad for better weather,
many are anxious for other changes as well.
At our house, we want to paint the main living areas.
Wait, let me rephrase that.
We both want new paint, but Hubs wants me to be the only one painting.

While we usually lean towards browns and beige,
we’re going for grays.

So I’m heavy into research for gray combinations.


True, gray tones are trendy right now.
But it’s not at all new in interior design.

In the 1950’s, gray was very popular combined with a dusty pink,
or with a low intensity turquoise.

Think “Poodle Skirts“.



has a wonderful article on how great gray is to use,
with nearly any accent color.

Here at our place we’ve decided on two tones of gray,
a light neutral and a mid-tone, darker shade.
As for accent colors, well . . . that’s gonna take a while yet 🙂

Have a great weekend and as always . . .
don’t stress too much, just start it.

There are lots of fun links today, so check them out!

Later – Cheryl

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6 thoughts on “GREAT ways WITH GRAYS

  1. Just finished having sunny yellow put up in a sitting area that will have a grey-green floor. And love the way different slants of light alter a lavender-grey living room!

    • Nope, not this time . . . but he’s cute isn’t he? This will be our Fozz’s final summer, and when he leaves us . . . we’re getting a brown dog, a little lady to play with Gracie. I could never replace my beautiful brothers, Fozz and Fred, so no more black dogs.

      • He’s 12 years old, next month and a very big guy. That’s old for his size. He has growths in his tums and throat, and arthritis in his back legs. Time is short, but he’s alert and we are managing the discomfort. His spirits are good and he can still do his “jobs” on his own. So we just love him up all day long, every day we still have him.

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