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Hi All 🙂

Literally, with the world at our fingertips today,
we can instantly become
and simultaneously be

There are so many shopping sites out there
where you can find any item you want
and be able to pull up similar items
and even request varied price ranges.

So HIGH vs. LOW Shopping is a snap!

Today, I played with the tools on one of my favorites, Polyvore.
You can also have fun with it through the links pictured above.

Let me know what your favorite Online Shopping Sites are.
It’s would be fun to compare notes!

Thanks for visiting and as always,
don’t stress too much about it, just start that project!

Wishes to all for a safe, fun and happy Memorial Day Weekend.

Later – Cheryl

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4 thoughts on “HIGH vs. LOW

  1. I wouldn’t want to buy any chair without the ability to sit in it, to assess comfort which is as important to me as looks. Maybe that’s why my home is far from a decorator’s dream ?

  2. I’m with you. But you’d be surprised how many people, especially first time renters or homeowners, even order chairs online. Though I would think those more in the side/dining or accent chairs categories. One good thing, if they find something they like on a site, they can research that specific product, look up local stores that carry them, and try them out, and/or buy them on the spot. They’ve still gained a lot of info from their web research. And they’ll also become more familiar with their area resources.

    Meanwhile, all those shopping sites are fun to browse, and many have tools and implements that are a kick to use 🙂

    Glad to hear from you. Have a nice MD weekend. 🙂

  3. Well, people just starting out, and actually across all age groups today, can’t always afford the heirloom quality furniture. It’s nice to know that you can find decent, stylish pieces without a big budget 🙂

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