Please . . . Remember Them

Hi All.

Memorial Day Weekend is
the unofficial start of Summer.
It’s the official time
to remember our Veterans.
While we enjoy three days off, stress-free
they are in outposts around the world,
with no days off . . .
risking, even forfeiting their very lives
to keep us free.

So . . . YES, please . . .
remember them on Memorial Day,
but also remember that our soldiers, our vets,
are there for us everyday . . .
as we should be for them.

Later – Cheryl

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2 thoughts on “Please . . . Remember Them

  1. Are you aware of how many new arrivals to the US join the military and serve our country, as a way to earn citizenship? I wasn’t, until recently. Will never again take for granted what others risk their lives to attain.

  2. No, I wasn’t aware of that. I do know, that in my lifetime, we have always been at war . . . conflict, or fighting, somewhere in the world. I support all veterans and have family members who served in nearly every branch. But I do feel that our National Guard troops should remain at home, defending our nation directly, as was the original intent, I believe.

    Wherever they go, we should be thankful for their dedication . . . but also be supportive after their service as well. There needs to be much more consideration during that period.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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