Funky Fifties Fun

Funky Fifties Fun


Hi All.

Today I’ve entered a contest on Polyvore.

and my entry is pictured above.
Red and Turquoise, combined with white,
was one of the popular color schemes of the 1950’s.
If you like that combination, it could be again.
In the next post, I’ll show you some possibilities.

For any of my followers and friends
who are also established on Polyvore,
if you’ve created three sets . . . or more,
you can enter and/or vote
on any entries you like.

If you haven’t yet visited,
Go and explore POLYVORE

Set up an account just for you,
So you can create your own sets too!
Fashion and Home
Art and More
Just have fun and explore!

Talk to you again soon!

Later – Cheryl

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