IT’S ABOUT TIME . . . I Took My Own Advice!



How many times have you heard me say that !?

There’s been a lot of extra stress lurking around here lately!  Vehicles down, allergies up (WAY up) and a couple short-check weeks, just for a few examples.  Oh, and that nasty neighbor (who of course, lives right next to us) in our otherwise amicable neighborhood!  Doesn’t it seem like every area has one stinker in the bunch.  Ack!

The blog and accompanying social sites have kept me very up and down i.e. great then lousy, and quite literally UP at night!  That isn’t new of course, but continuously stressful.

Well, I’m thinkin’ it’s about time I followed my own advice!  I’m tired of stressing out.  Just tired period.  So I sat myself down, took a bit of “me” time with the little notebook . . .      and started a list.


OK, I hear some of you groaning … “Cheryl, you’re always making lists”!   But hey, most times IT HELPS ME!  I’ll thank you to cut me a little slack this time.

First, I affirmed that these would be concise notes.  When writing anything, I always have to remind myself to edit, edit, edit.

              Beginning, I jotted down three presently good specifics. Thought it would help to start on a positive note.

  1. Summer has finally come (though up here, who knows for how long!)
  2. Excluding the allergies (irritating but normal for the season), we’re in decent health
  3. I have fun company visiting soon, and YES . . . company is good . . . this company anyway because it means . . . SHOPPING!

Courtesy of

Okay, those are self-explanatory. Lets get to the crappola.  Next, I listed 3 big stresses.

  1. The Blog
  2. Money issues and/or retirement
  3. A certain personal relationship in our lives

Yes, THE BLOG is still very troublesome.


Traffic and interest are very inconsistent, which I almost dread saying for fear I may get even more of those “Pitch emails or supposed new followers who say  “I/We can make your blog wonderful . . . for just a few hundred dollars or so”.


I need assistance, but am very picky about where to find it, and also very self-critical that I can’t do everything myself.  It still isn’t quite the look I’m going for.  I’m not particularly thrilled with some of my posts.   And although I’m venturing to more outlet exposure, most of the Social Media Tools are frightening to me!


in knowing that odds are slim of making any measurable amount of monies from the blog.  But I was hoping for a little mad money or occasionally enough for a minimum household payment or two.

That leads us to the other money issues . . . which are MORE than just a bit scary, especially when full retirement is looming. Once we decide what things we can create and sell when Hubs retires, we should be okay but It will be a penny-pinching ride all the way,

Last, the personal issue.  Don’t worry, Hubs and I are fine; just celebrated 29 years of marriage and nearly 31 years together . . . and NO . . .


. . . this IS NOT our wedding picture!


The stress is another relationship that has changed drastically for us in the past few years and seems headed for a complete breakdown.  Something once loving, caring and sharing, has become discounted with limited contact, little sharing or inclusion and too often, rudeness with no consideration or caring shown us.  We’re told we are at fault, yet NOT told the why or what of the matters.

So there you have it.  I’m STRESSING . . . a lot, and I always tell you NOT TO STRESS.


in stressful situations?  How do you approach the problems?  There aren’t any magic solve-all formulas for any of us.  Just curious to know what helps others.

My list did help.  The physical writing then reading, helped me – shall we say- get a grip on things.

  1. Considering positives first allowed me to calm down, take a few healthy deep breaths, and reach a more reasonable demeanor.  Stress just tends to freak us out doesn’t it?! Who can function like that?
  2. I was reminded to be appreciative of good things in my life, of which there are many.
  3. Reviewing main stress factors assisted me in evaluating and devising helpful alternatives.  We can’t just have a nervous breakdown .. . seriously.

For all of us, it’s a very personal journey.  We are the prime players in our lives, and so must be the primaries in how to handle the problems in those lives.


that there is no such condition as a stress-less life?  That said we do have choices.  Perhaps I should say we can give ourselves choices.

I chose to stay with the blog . . . and what do you know. A few nice “someones” came along with some helpful advice and encouragement.

And instead of brooding, Hubs and I have been scouring Pinterest and our own project notebooks and compiling a nice list (yah, yah . . . another list) of cost effective items that would be sale worthy in our direct area, and others that would have a broader, more urban appeal in the cities.

The more personal area is a toughie.  No one can control someone else’s behaviors, especially if communications aren’t welcomed.  But we can lean on others who do care, and try to toughen up when people get hurtful.  We can let them know we continue to care about them and will be as supportive as possible.

BUT (and that’s a BIG ONE HERE)  if/when people become abusive . . . and YES, verbal and/or emotional abuse count … I’ve learned to not allow it and remove myself from the situation  IMMEDIATELY.  Many wise people have shown me that over time.

Thanks so much for visiting.  Hey, let’s talk more about this stress stuff.  Leave a note.

As always, don’t stress too much . . . just start something!   Geez, did I really just say that!

Later – Cheryl

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8 thoughts on “IT’S ABOUT TIME . . . I Took My Own Advice!

  1. Well, I think that you just hit on a very universal topic, Cheryl! I am sorry that you are feeling stressed. I do make lists to help me see things more clearly during times of trouble. It sounds like it helped you out, too. Try not to stress too much over the blog. It is notoriously difficult to make money from a blog, but it can be done. You are super creative and share some really great stuff! You just have to get it out there!

    • Hey Kim. This blog thing isn’t life or death, right! Besides, I’m thinking of doing another one . . . that is strictly just for fun . . . no schedules, worries or stress! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

  2. I hate to hear of all of your stress. Those relationships are tough. Not only are they tough, but they have their ups and downs. Hopefully this will soon pass. You can only take responsibility for your known part.

  3. I agree. And of course, when stresses pile up, realistically we know that not every problem is easily remedied; that we need to put some aside, to concentrate on others that we can do something about. But that’s difficult, especially when it’s people related. You worry more about those.
    To lighten the mood . . . it’s the weekend, warm weather and Hubs doesn’t have to work! Should be good. Hope yours is too 🙂

  4. I started my blog when I was unemployed, thinking of it mostly as a platform to build a readership that would look well when I sought a publisher for my novel. Once I started my very demanding job, I committed to myself to keep up the weekly posts as a way of holding onto my self concept as primarily a writer who happened to be working at something else. Of late, with a new, exciting and time consuming relationship added to the mix, keeping up the weekly post has become – not exactly stressful, but not satisfying and pleasurable either. I’m led to investigate my own motivation, ego, whatever – to reconsider my values even. What would it mean if, for a week, I didn’t post?
    That’s my way of coping with stress – taking another look at the why of what I’m doing, being open to seeing things in a new light, or to being given an insight into a different way to achieve the same ends.
    Best wishes sorting it all out!

    • Congratulations on the new relationship! For me I think to achieve more of what I wanted or was hoping for, I’d have to spend more money , , , either for techie stuff I can manage , , , or hiring someone else to make it the way I want it. Doesn’t matter because I couldn’t afford either so. Been thinking about just dropping the internet things all together, and spending some dedicated time painting and drawing.
      Thanks so much for your well wishes. I’ll keep everyone posted.

  5. Sorry to hear you are having a lot of stress right now…it can take a lot out of you. I actually started my blog as a creative escape from stress and it is still a creative place for me. I have always dealt with stress by getting busy creating and doing, and it helps me deal with it better. But I try hard to never feel like I HAVE to blog…but rather when I have something I want to share. I realize in the big scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter if I post or not, so I just have fun with it. I have gone a month without posting, and taking a break can be refreshing.
    Retirement decisions are hard…comtemplating changes…it can just be plain out scary. We are already making some of those decisions, and are trying hard to make right choices…
    Hope life settles down a little for you soon…take care of yourself and spend some time doing something you love!

    • Linda,
      Thanks for the kind words. You’re right, if I skip a post or two, no one is the worse for it. It’s not like I have departments or bosses screaming at me . . . or print proofs and deadlines anymore. That’s what I’ve reminded myself lately. I should just have fun with this and enjoy it more, not think of it as a homework assignment that will be graded.
      Have a nice remainder of the weekend. Ours is much brighter today than yesterday 🙂
      Thanks again.

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