Guilt Ridden

Craigslist had a beautiful chair yesterday, just posted and also just what I wanted for my bedroom reading corner.  AND, it was very close to home . . .


So, I went, I saw, I conquered!  (Well, I went, saw and melted!)

It’s beautiful, it rocks, it glides, it twirls.  Made by Flexsteel and for once it was true . . . when the ad said “nearly new”!


It even “sort of” had two nice sized toss pillows in the deal, the huge arm covers.

Backing each one with a coordinate, they are a nice tie-in on my bed.


Sitting in my room last evening . . . relaxing and reading, I was so content, smug even. Very happy.


But then . . .

today, this HOUZZ article arrived in my email..

Suddenly I was a bit uncomfortable.  This very stylish (but entire) home in only 140 sq. ft. of space, made me feel very selfish having a 12 X 12, 144 sq. ft. master bedroom.

I was totally guilt ridden . . . for a longgggggggggggg  while.

But after an  entire . . .  40 seconds, I recovered, read the piece and knew,

I just had to share it with you!


For all my HOUZZ fun, you can follow me there . . . just click the button to the right on my home page!

I treasure all my finds.  This one has made my bedroom complete!  Love it.

Happy bargain hunting to you!

Later – Cheryl


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7 thoughts on “Guilt Ridden

  1. I’m mostly living in what used to be my guest cottage, before that the hay storage and tack room when I still had horses. It’s two room and a shower/toilet in less than 300 sq ft. Not quite finished yet, as I’ve not set up a cooking area indoors, use a lean-to that was the loafing shed for grilling, and the kitchen in my main house for more traditional meals. Still a work in progress, anticipating eventually renting the house and fully living in the cottage when I’m here between trips to Cameroon. Will be tapping your knowledge for resources as I finish the project bit by bit over the next couple years… and taking lessons from the Houzz designs.

    • Good to hear from you. Well … the Cameroon trips sound exciting, but the 300 sq ft sounds scary! That article links to the current group who design and build the tiny houses. Lots of stuff there!

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