Fabulous Fozzy Has Left The Room



Goodbye, My Love

Yesterday began quite gray
Later the clouds had gone away
But my smile has gone too
And won’t return soon . . . because,
Our “Fabulous FOZZY” has Left The Room


When Fozzy left any room . . . you always felt a void


Because as you can see . . . he was a Very Big Boy.


But lately he was easily tired,


losing much of his pep and fire.


Little Sister Gracie didn’t care.


She snuggled and went with him everywhere.


Most days he would wake me with a big paw thud on my head


As if to say “Wake up and make the bed!”

Now that our fuzzy black knight is gone,
Gracie is with us to carry on.

So goodbye my love
our wonderful boy.

Thank you for filling our lives
with such joy.

I’ll miss you always . . . Love, Mom

Our gratitude and appreciation go to the
Princeton Veterinary clinic, Princeton, Minnesota
and all the wonderful. caring people there.
Thank you so very much.


21 thoughts on “Fabulous Fozzy Has Left The Room

  1. What a very nice portfolio you did on Fozzy. It is such a void when our furbabys are no longer with us. I hope that Gracie adapts quickly with Fozzy gone. So very sorry to read this.

  2. No matter how many honor us with their love and trust over the years, it doesn’t get easier when any one of our furries depart. Your tribute was full of the love exchanged between you and Fozzy, and a beautiful gift to your readers.

  3. Hey C, popped in to see how you are and saw this post up. Lovely. lovely. Lovely. He certainly is a beautiful fellah isn’t he? Poor Gracie probably doesn’t know what to make of it all either.
    Just to let you know I have thought of you every day.

    • That’s so nice of you. Truly, that means a lot to me. Things are a little easier now, still feels empty in the house, but at least I’m not blubbering every time I turn around. Have had an offer to work with someone on a presentation packet. They have the video press kit part, but I’d work on the paper and web part. Think I’ll try it . . . see where it takes me.
      So good to hear from you. How’s things in England? Well, I hope.
      Later – C

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