Whatever … Wednesday

Did your mom ever tell you
“When you do something, do it well.”?
Well, mine did, and I usually try my best.
Problem is, sometimes even when I screw up …
I do that well too, very well … like last weekend.

A new post was due and a good topic was developing too,
but then … oops (better make that a big OOPS) … no more story.

Hey now, don’t be quick to judge. I was working hard.
Hubs and I were doing some exterior maintenance.
He was staining the new porch
and I was re-staining the work shed.



And of course, pictures were needed,
so I could show you progress on the projects.
I got some good shots, then went back to painting.

All’s good, right? Well it was,
until the next morning, when I remembered.
I remembered … I left the camera outside.
Overnight, all alone, out in the cold.
Well it wasn’t exactly cold, but you get the idea.

Whew! Upon rescue, a few successful shots.

Then, little lines of light crept across the screen.
And more lines, and more until it wouldn’t focus at all.

Crap! Do I need a new camera … yes.
Do I have $$ for a new camera … no.
Can I do a blog without a camera?
Well, I’ll just have to, won’t I?
For a while anyway!

Today, I’m starting my camera-less era with something new.

Dear readers, say hello to …

This feature will allow me to explore random ideas with you,
and also share all kinds of cool, crazy online stuff I’ve found and enjoyed.

I did get some nice photos before the camera was abandoned.


As an adult, I’ve tried to be realistic with my children. Some of my advice to them has been that in every bad situation, if we learn from it, at least we’ve gotten something positive out of it.

I also know how easily life can overwhelm us, and seem as though there is no solution or help left. I’ve tried to encourage my kids with my belief that you have to keep going. If you feel like you’re out of options, you have to create more options. Every battle can’t be conquered, but you have to keep trying. Persevering itself, is winning.


What better way to say goodnight than with a lovely moon.
And hey, it’s still Wednesday as I push the publish button. Yay.

Remember, try not to stress, just start something.

Later – Cheryl

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