A Rustic Country Wedding


Home again, home again, jiggity jig … and it feels good.
No new news for a while, as I was away,
working on my son’s wedding.


That should say “helping” with things,

as the happy couple have spent all their time
in the six months previous, searching, shopping,
and making everything by hand.


All we helpers did was set up …
hang, assemble and arrange.


I did fresh flower bouquets, bouts and corsages.


The theme was “A Rustic Country Wedding”


There were lots of mason jars and roughed up wood …


Big jars for flowers, medium for mugs and teeny ones for tea lights.


Lots of burlap, lace and country patterns.  But mostly . . .

Lots of laughter,


… and Love …


Lot’s of Love 🙂


Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Richardson, 11/1/14

More of the decorations and “How To’s” coming soon …

and better pictures of the Happy Couple!

Later – Cheryl

4 thoughts on “A Rustic Country Wedding

    • It was so fun and went pretty well. Sometimes weddings seem to have a minor catastrophe or two along the way. This one was nice! I’m enjoying all of your fashionable outfits on your blog. Have to admit, I’m living vicariously through all of your wonderful adventures and world travels. Nice to hear from you.

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