This Monday Means Mayhem

The adjective Madness would also work today. This week will be a busy one around here. I’m hosting a little ladies’ lunch on Friday, for some of my favorite gals.  Yes, I know, this is only Monday. But today I have to make notes of all the chores to be done before and get going.

Before the big TA DAH … there’s a huge TO DO list to tackle.

How do you do it … plan and prepare for special events at your house?  There must be bazillions of approaches to this. Well, at least a dozen or two.  I’m sure we all have our particular MODUS OPERANDI (or not) of how we put together our get togethers.

Artzzle feature, Hubs and GracieHubs and Gracie aren’t too upset, but today begins a string of hectic days here.

At times like this, my heroes are my “Lists” and my “Helpers”. This time I have a big task list and two important helpers. We also have four days … and nights, to get it all set up. It should be FOOL PROOF.

Ooh! I probably just jinxed us. Never say NEVER, never say ALWAYS … or FOOL PROOF. Yikes.

1ST LIST: Scribbled notes start me off. I write down everything I wish could be done for the event. All kinds of things, whatever comes to mind, even the “it would be great if we could manage this too” stuff.

2ND LIST: Scribbles are now divided into MUST DO’s and WOULD LIKE TO’s. Next, in this instance, each of the four days are assigned MD tasks, in order of importance and time needed. The most worrisome tasks need to be done as soon as possible. The WLT chores are shown off to the side, to be done in any extra open time that pops up.

I type up a nice, fresh list to post on the fridge, with something handy to mark off as we go along.  Yep, we literally cross things off. This is a great ENERGY BOOSTER. Especially when things are getting tiresome … reminding yourself of what you’ve accomplished and also seeing the TD list diminish right before your eyes, can give great satisfaction.

My helpers are Hubs and Granddaughter, Ashley. The retirement thing means he is here 24/7 and WOW, will that be great for this. Ash is our baker extraordinare, and I’ve hired her to make a dozen luscious AND beautiful cupcakes. Her business manager, sister, Carmen will arrange for the proper charges and billing! Mom, Bri, is loaning some crucial kitchenware. MAWVELOUS Dawlings!

Here’s my NORMAL LIST for this week; regular chores that have to be done, event or not.

• Volunteer ½ day P.M. at our local thrift store
• Pay Bills
• Haircut
• Groceries
• Trip to Milaca (“3rd Thursday” -30% at Discovery Thrift & we always go)
• Wash Windows
• Laundry: Spreads, Throws and Toss Pillow Covers
• Regular vacumning, mopping and dusting

I plan to update you pf our progress, occasionally this week.  Some AFTER photos, as most B4’s would be too messy to share.

Meanwhile, stop over and check this post out at HOMETALK.  I talked with a very nice lady about some decor questions for a small bedroom.

Artzzle feature, small bedroom arrangement

Over and Out for today.

Later – Cheryl


6 thoughts on “This Monday Means Mayhem

  1. Can’t wait to see how it went Cheryl! I love your gold pieces, too! I have been a little out of the loop, my site got hacked, big mess, been off my reading for a bit! Glad to see what you’ve been up to!

    • Your WP problems sounded awful! Likewise, I’m not up to date with posts … as you can see. Had such a nice time with the lunch … FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES (wonderful blogger huh?). Something should go out this week. Glad your troubles got fixed.

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