As Time Goes By

At any age in life,
as time goes by,
we’ll each have moments,
when we must say goodbye,
but we’ll all . . . always remember.

Artzzle Remembrance FeatureArtzzle Remembrance Feature


  • A dresser mirror surrounded with fan magazine covers
    and autographed, star photos
  • A beautiful, blue metal, powder-puff music box,
    sitting on the vanity.
  • Baby kittens … several batches …
    under the back, summer porch.
  • Your dad’s home-grown popcorn on Sunday evenings.
  • Your mom’s beautiful flower garden,
    her love of the color green,
    and her special bond with my mother
  • Me in my pretty, lavendar plaid dress,
    carrying the rings down the aisle to you and Irvin.

* * * * * * * *

scan037 Artzzle Remembrance Feature


  • Semi’s and BIG trucks.
  • Summers in Charles City
  • Screamer belly aches at the county fair
  • The King with his own thrown
  • Beers during TV Baseball (yours not mine)
  • Bikes and ponies with Mike & Kevin
  • Baby dolls and bunk-bed tents with Lori
  • NeeNee (about my Dad) “That man makes me nervous!” (Miss you Neal)

Cousin Judy and Uncle Bob,

Dear Readers & Followers:

I’ll be back soon with results on a few more completed projects and info on some new sites I’ve found to share.  Meanwhile, enjoy the Spring as it pops out … finally 🙂

Later – Cheryl


8 thoughts on “As Time Goes By

  1. Always remember that grief turns into cherished memories. It may not happen as quickly as we’d like, but it does happen. Today, I’m still grieving my Grandmother who passed away 2 years ago on April 1, 2013. She was 100 years old, in wonderful health, sharp as a tack and had a wonderful wit. It was just her time. I’m still working through missing her terribly but I have faith that one day soon, I will laugh and cry with my beautiful memories of her. Miss you Vi. Wishing you a Happy Easter and great joy, Cheryl.

  2. Your first line is so true. This afternoon brought to mind not only the few times I mentioned, but many more. I just thought I’d recognize these two unique people. Happy holiday to you as well!

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