Great News You Need to Read

I’ve been so busy, I didn’t realize that Friday, it’s MAY . . . already!
Yikes!  I still have LOTS of great April news to tell you about.

Last week I received an invitation from the team over at HomeTalk.  They asked me to curate a board about flower arranging and of course . . . I said “No”

C’mon, you know I said “Yes”.  🙂  I know that with a little help, anyone can put together an arrangement, so I specifically searched HT articles for basic but beautiful looks, with some great tips and how to’s for you.  Their group designed this pretty graphic for the board.  Click to link over  BUT Don’t leave yet  . . . there’s so much more news.

easy_flower_arrangements (1)

ARTZZLE celebrated it’s 2nd Anniversary in mid-April.  Progress was turtle’s pace slow at first.  But I continued to learn and kept on writing . . . and learning.  The first big thrill came when one of my projects was Featured at The Graphics Fairy.  I walked on air for a week or two with that.  Plus, got lots of traffic and more followers.  Yay, somebody likes me 🙂  My next boost came from a project I shared over at HOUZZ when we re-did our bathroom cabinets.  That was one of my most popular posts – more traffic, more followers.

Meantime, I contribute to discussions and questions on several social medias, which continues to gain followers for ARTZZLE.  And last week our Back Splash Project shared on Home Talk generated . . .

you might want to sit down . . . I had to!


That post generated over 11,000 . . . yes that was THOUSAND views in the first three hours, and nearly 14,000 within the next few days.  And yep, more followers both on Home Talk and the website.  So, faithful followers and readers, I’m going to keep on “keepin’ on”.

YOU CAN DO THIS.  If you’re a new or newer blogger, hang in there.  Try not to get too discouraged if when things are slow.  Most of my blogger buddies feel it takes at least 3-4 years to build.  What is best for me is . . . to just be myself.  YES, I know I’m not THERE yet and I’m not a prize winning author.  I can get a little corny, and sometimes probably too serious, but it’s always just me.  I wouldn’t be comfortable or have any chance at success otherwise.

I’ve learned so much from other bloggers.  Lots of people say they make friends with their blogs.  Well . . . I believe it.  I have my favorites and some of us are developing a connection, a friendship.  There is support, advice, and a lot of behind the scenes humor.

Meantime, whatever you choose to do, remember . . .

Don’t stress too much, just start something.

Later – Cheryl


14 thoughts on “Great News You Need to Read

  1. Congratulations Cheryl! I am so thrilled for you!!! You have fabulous ideas and a lot of great ideas to share, I am so happy you are getting the recognition you deserve! Pretty board!

    • When I received that email, you were the first person I thought of, because I remember when you got yours! I must’ve lucked out, because I’m no where near your stats and followers. I appreciate your patience with my stupid questions. You’ve really helped me keep going. THX so much.

    • Thanks, Charlotte, though I’m no where NEAR your stats and traffic! I’d take up singing . . . but unlike your voice, mine would only drive people away . . . not get me more followers!!! So, I’ll have to be happy just listening to your singing, and keep plodding along with what I can do 🙂

      • 11,000 hits on wordpress is phenomenal I’ve never come close, this backsplash idea is brilliant, I’m trying to rest my voice a bit on the weekends but I’ve got so much new material to learn it’s hard not to sing seven days, a short blogging break catching up with everyone has been great, the hours just fly by and I hope the music I’m listening to at the same time is seeping into my memory 😳

  2. NO, NO, NO! Charlotte, it was 11,000+ hits on HOMETALK, not wordpress. But from that post on hometalk, I also go extra traffic on WP and new followers on both sites. I look forward to your next musical treat post! Thanks for following back. – Cheryl

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