Dreamy Schemes

Dreamy Schemes

Dreamy Schemes by artzzle-com

Playing with Polyvore today.  These are three schemes I thought would work for our master bedroom project . . . still very much in limbo!

What are your thoughts?  The spread isn’t my exact one but color is close.

We’ll talk again soon!

Later – Cheryl

P.S.  I chose these items strictly as examples, because of their colors, textures and designs.  Prices are of extreme range on Polyvore so expensive pieces would naturally be replaced by similar items within your budget.  Think of this as an illustrated lesson, not a catalog 😀


6 thoughts on “Dreamy Schemes

  1. I’m in the process of deciding on bedding color for our new sleeping space, with very light lemon yellow walls. Steering away from blue because blue and yellow is the pattern in the cottage where we’ve been sleeping this past year. With the main house totally redecorated, i want to keep the ‘new’ space feeling with something quite distinctive – even though yellow and blue is a favorite of mine. Suggestions appreciated!

  2. I’ll see what I can come up with. QUESTION: Did you solve your divider issue? Besides the industrial look ones, Walmart has some nice, heavy, rustic look shelving units (I believe they are from BH&G). They’re very affordable and sturdy. One – or two, would work as dividers, with one facing the living area and the other facing into the bedroom. Not sure if the backs are open, but it would be easy enough to either curtain them or back with paneling or luan & stain.

  3. Chelawriter you should try a yellow and gray scheme like her last grouping. I did a gray bedroom and love it. There are tons of things out there too as it’s very popular. Gray drapes against yellow walls would be awesome. I did mostly gray with little bits of aqua and black then did my bathroom in aqua.

    • Gloria, didn’t you post about that bedroom? I’m going over to see if I can find it!
      Niki, you said no blue with the yellow, but which blue did you have previously, a robin’s egg type, an aqua or a navy? Different blues with yellow give completely new schemes.

      Thanks for visiting, ladies.

  4. Well that choice isn’t surprising for you … but maybe for me. That too, is my favorite of the three, with the blue 2nd and the gray/yellow 3rd. But I’m really just on the hunt for my inspiration piece. These were to get me going. I’d like to finish that room before the holidays.

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