You Would Never Have Known

The acronym “OMG” is not one I care for.  It’s overused, offensive to some, and just plain annoying to me.  At the very least, it does try signify an attitude; happiness, anger, surprise.  I want something that says “awe struck”.  Yes, WOW works, but like OMG, it’s redundant to the point of nausea.  ( I promise to try & stop with all the “wow”s ).

What can you say when a special descriptive is needed, like for me today.  Today  a home took my breath away.  I’ve highlighted there because, well, how do you abbreviate something like that?  Such a marvelous moment?  OMG?  WOW?  No, they just don’t describe that feeling, they don’t cut it.  Now –

you would never have known . . .

that this house . . .

is also this house . . .

without reading this entire article.  Take a look and see what I mean!

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Acknowledgements: Article: HOUZZ,  Author: Carol Crotta

Paraphrasing a reader’s comments, this couple had great style and $$$ to incorporate it.  A pleasant condition to be in.  You might agree with me in the thought that no matter our style, most of us rarely have the $$ to apply it.

Yes,  I know, I know,  their particular style wouldn’t work for everyone.  But surely, just the sheer beauty and workmanship here can be appreciated by all.  And, without having seen the title or captions . . .

you would never have known . . . this couple is IN THEIR 70’s! Newlyweds, too yet! I mean, WOW, OMG!

We’ll talk again soon.  Meantime, stress less – accomplish more.

Later – Cheryl


8 thoughts on “You Would Never Have Known

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  2. I am not a fan of OMG or LOL, I am a WOWer though! This house really is stunning. The back is amazing, totally not my style, but those windows do take your breath away!

  3. OK, I prefer to think of OMG as oh my GOSH! And while I use wow all the time the problem with that is that it can be sarcastic too, like ‘you bought those ugly shoes, wow’, in which case wow implies the shoe buyer is an idiot. So the only way for me to feel like I have used wow to it’s fullest is to capitalize it, as well as use other adjectives with it to convey just how awesome and amazing that WOW word is!

  4. hey cheryl! this house is gorgeous!! i love modern style as well as vintage, so will have to mix up a bunch of things when the day comes haha! =)
    BTW i just came home in the dark feeling cold, and your sweet comment was like the warm sunshine! really appreciate it my friend!! xo

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