Glimmers of Christmas

“READERS NOTE:  Following are three collages.  As you click each one, you are taken to a photo on a black background, and you can then arrow to the right to review the complete collage.  TO EXIT a collage, click in the very upper, right corner of the screen and you’ll be taken back to the entire post, and on to the next selection.

This Season’s clock is ticking
The time for calm is near
So take a little rest and
Click the Pics for some Christmas Cheer

Christmas Present
Those now Past
All Cherished Memories
Forever will Last

The Christmas Tree
so noble and bright

Each year’s may be different
But all are Just Right


UNTIL NEXT TIME EVERYONE … stress less – accomplish more!
Later – Cheryl


5 thoughts on “Glimmers of Christmas

    • When the kids were small, we always cut our own tree. But now, we’re older, the weather is colder and so a nice artificial tree has taken the stage for a few years. I’ll check out yours … ya can’t get enough of Christmas, right!

  1. Thanks and a Merry Christmas to your family as well, Kim. I loved your holiday shopping bag art posts, and shared them on Pinterest. I’m a contributor at the “Hometalk Christmas” board at Pinterest, so I shared it there 🙂

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