From Gloomy to Good

For a host of reasons, I’m always glad to see
the third month of the year disappear.
Though someone in my life seems to be
on a mission to start a new tradition
to brighten my March with cheer.

It began last year with this little lovely.

And late afternoon today … another knock at my door … brought this beauty.

Artzzle March 2016 post

Though March will be my least favorite month … forever,
my daughter Bri is determined to make it better.

Thanks, Breezer. Luv Ya lots! … Love, Ma

Artzzle March 2016 post

Later, Readers.



4 thoughts on “From Gloomy to Good

  1. I’m so happy you were cheered. When I was home Mum and I did some card making and we got out an old canvas and covered it with thick white paint to redo during my next visit home. It was only a low cost canvas frame from a store called the Works and I bought some tissue paper with music notes on to papier mache into the picture. We thought about heating up wax crayons over the top of a stencil of a singer like a rain shower or getting some silver or gold squares and spray and do a contemporary pattern, Pinterest is going to get researched hard :).

    • I always like to hear about the crafty projects you do with your Mom. When you finish this one, you’ll have to post it on your blog or fb so we can all enjoy it 🙂 Thanks, Charlotte, for stopping by. I know you’re very busy with so many things!

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