Happy HOUZZ Patterns & Textures

Everyone knows how I love MY house.  Today, I’m sharing another one I enjoy … HOUZZ.

Here is a board from my Houzz site.  I was perusing all my colorful collections over there and thought I’d post a favorite on this gorgeous Sunday.

Always stressing to you, the importance of using patterns and textures when decorating your spaces, I thought you’d like looking at these lovelies.

Just sit back and click the little arrows on the bottom right, to soak it all in.

If you need/want more inspiration … take a look at this past post.

The Blues


And have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.  Hope your weather today is as beautiful as ours.

Later – Cheryl




8 thoughts on “Happy HOUZZ Patterns & Textures

  1. We have almost two inches of the white wet cold stuff today, so lovely takes a bit of “good for reducing the drought” perspective. We seem to have a similar interior design sensibility. How do I share photos of my home without posting for the world to see?

    • OH, not SNOW! I would LOVE to see your home photos. I think the best thing to do would be to scan the photos and attach them in an email to me at artzzle(.)com@gmail(.)com. Can’t wait!

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