HELP WANTED: Needed NOW- Holiday Inspiration

Tomorrow is the 1st of December … already.

Thanksgiving was quiet this year with no visitors.  The days following are usually when we begin the Christmas decorating.  This year’s gloomy weather isn’t promoting much holiday spirit.Christmas


Rain and record warm temperatures have dissolved the two light accumulations of snow we have had.  Soggy, brown ground and cloudy days are on the schedule for the week.


Over the weekend, we did dig out some of the holiday bins.  Well, giving credit when it’s due … Hubs did the digging, braving our crawl space to find some of the holiday bins.  Containers were brought up, unpacked and items placed all over our space. And the mess began …


Many of you know but for those who don’t, I’ll tell you big messes really aren’t my thing! Can’t stand em’.  They literally make me uncomfortable.  But I do try to find something positive, even in a negative situation.  The positive at this stage, was that seeing some of my Christmas treasures again, sparked an inkling of enthusiasm.

By late Sunday evening, items were up here, but not arranged yet, and the kitchen and dining room were a complete disaster. Pieces, paper, boxes and bins everywhere.


At that point, we were pooped out.  And as awful as it is to wake up to a dirty house, it had to be …  I was tired … so it was off to bed.

Monday, creating some heavy duty enthusiasm was an ABSOLUTE MUST.  I began browsing digital photo albums and finally … holiday posts from previous years.

Christmas at Artzzle

It opened a Pandora’s box of ideas.  Click HERE for your inspiration.

Meanwhile, Hubs and I will keep plugging away at our 2016 Holiday Home!

This is only the beginning, but our goal is to finish by this coming Saturday.  Next, current displays have to be taken down, wrapped and packed away.  Lots of crawling, climbing, reaching and handing going on.  Not a speedy process for a couple of old(ish) fogies decorators like us!

TIP:  No matter your age, always make climbing and ladder work a “two-person” project.  In-home falls can be dangerous, but especially when working alone as you have no one to come to your aid.

Besides … it’s always more fun and more work done … with two instead of one!

It’s good to be back and I’ll be glad to read your comments again 😀

Later – Cheryl






8 thoughts on “HELP WANTED: Needed NOW- Holiday Inspiration

  1. Lack of Holiday spirit is pervasive, even with snow on the mountain tops painting an appropriate back drop for the season. I’m finding it extremely hard to connect with peace and good will, with so much violence and ugliness being proclaimed, daily. Feel as though, instead, it’s time to emotionally duck and cover like we were taught in elementary school, getting under our desks, facing away from the window, practicing for the atomic attacks. The spiritual atomic attacks are ongoing.
    Would cheery decorations help ease my gloom? Perhaps. Certainly seeing your cardinal brought a smile.
    Thanks for that, and good to hear from you!

    • Funny, that Hubs and I were just talking about the school desk routine. Like it would have helped anything 😀 I’m with you that things are pretty gloomy everywhere, at least at the moment. Actually the decorations are helping and once we get all done and CLEAN UP THIS MESS … I’ll feel pretty good, I think 🙂 Good to hear from you, too!

  2. A few years ago I went through all the tubs and only kept what I loved. I sorted what was left into color groupings or various rooms and put it in clear plastic sweater boxes. I gave away the tubs and threw out the boxes. I decorate a little at a time, one room or piece of furniture. Now it is fun again, not a burden.

    • Gloria, I know I’ve said this before but … we’ve GOT to be related somehow! Last year I did almost exactly what you talked about. I got rid of LOTS of stuff and organized the rest. I grouped colored ornaments, precious pieces, plates and etc. I still have the tubs though, but I list contents and date on them. This year, Doug brought up one or two areas at a time. I’ve started with my kitchen cabinet tops and on to the mantle. I worked today (thrift store volunteer), but will hit it again tomorrow. My goal is to be done by Saturday evening. BUT we decided no big tree this year.

  3. I’m a bit slower on the holiday draw this year, too, Cheryl. I’m getting there, just with less, and over a longer period of time. I went back and peeked at your previous post. Love the santas…they are my Christmas weakness. Ho Ho Ho!!

    • Hey, Kim. Thanks for stopping over. I’m going a little simplified this time too. And we’re NOT doing a big tree this year. I tackled the next biggest task first – my kitchen cabinet tops. DONE, and on to the next area. Always enjoy your posts. You’ve come so much farther than me, but I just haven’t had the dedication this past year. Keep up the great work.

  4. A huge tree arrived yesterday with my son David!! Will there be room for everyone! The house is
    filled with aroma of this tree!

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