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Hi all. My computer and my printer/scanner still aren’t playing nice together, so thought I would share some wonderful web inspiration I’ve found this week. The “Eyes” Have It One of my favorite haunts is over at DOGS DON’T EAT … Continue reading

Ready for VALENTINE Projects?

Hi All. Here’s another super easy project using things you’ll already have around the house.  NOTE: YOU DON’T NEED A LOT OF FANCY TOOLS. SUPPLIES (Not pictured is a small tension-rod for your window. If you don’t have one, they are found in curtain departments and are very inexpensive.) PAINT SAMPLE CARDS and TISSUE BOXES […]

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Following Trends … or NOT

Long time readers know that in the past two years, Hubs and I have been redoing the cabinetry in our little house. The one and only bathroom was attacked first,  with B4’s featured here and resulting AFTER’s here. It was not too difficult, … Continue reading

Have to Admit It … Fall is Here

Okay, okay … I’m finally willing to say … it’s Fall. The days are shorter and even the nights are changing, with temperatures dropping down after dark.  Weather has been wonderful though, allowing time to finish up outdoor “summer chores” … Continue reading

Can You EVER have enough Storage Space?

One of the things WE love about our home is our main living area with it’s vaulted ceilings and odd shaped walls.  Something we didn’t like about this house was the limited storage as we have no basement. One of the things I love in … Continue reading

Hey … Timing ISN’T Everything … is it?

How’s your timing? Not the musical or early/late kind of timing . . . but just in everyday things . . . you know. Ever just miss something great that happened because your timing was a little off?  Example:  You work in a … Continue reading