From Gloomy to Good

For a host of reasons, I’m always glad to see
the third month of the year disappear.
Though someone in my life seems to be
on a mission to start a new tradition
to brighten my March with cheer.

It began last year with this little lovely.

And late afternoon today … another knock at my door … brought this beauty.

Artzzle March 2016 post

Though March will be my least favorite month … forever,
my daughter Bri is determined to make it better.

Thanks, Breezer. Luv Ya lots! … Love, Ma

Artzzle March 2016 post

Later, Readers.


The Right Time to Think about Gardens

It’s Super Bowl Sunday … end of 2nd half … my team’s leading (Go BRONCOS) … and we’re in the midst of a nasty snow storm.

Hey, I think it’s the perfect time to be thinking about gardens.  Don’t you?

Hubs is way ahead of us, having already built seven above-ground planters for our backyard.  Four are designed to work together, and three will be positioned individually. Sorry, no pictures of these tonight, though.  It’s cold and too dark in the garage.

Instead, I’m sharing some gardening pretties … in particular SMALL SPACE gardens. Tonight, my muse is Benjamin Vogt, a favorite HOUZZ contributor that I follow; owner of a prairie garden design firm a.k.a. Monarch Glen.

So much to see, savor and learn here.

COMING SOON . . . pictures of the Hubs Projects.  Meantime . . .

It’s.Back.To.The.SUPER BOWL !!



Friday Favorites #80

YES . . . I know it’s only WEDNESDAY, but found this fun site today.  You’ll enjoy Kim over at Living Vintage Co.  She’s sharing a variety of visions here 🙂

How ’bout a Christmas-themed Friday Favorites for the month of December?

Source: Friday Favorites #80

Finial Moment

Wonderful memories arise from this story. Short, sweet and very touching. My thanks to Stuart over at Storyshucker, for allowing me to share this with you!


Friends and I enjoyed brunch the other day. Afterwards, I suggested we stop by the local antique store to see what was new…

No one got the joke.

Still laughing at myself, because it never takes much, I held the door for the others as we entered and went our separate ways down cluttered and dusty aisles.

We hadn’t been there long when I saw, tucked between Mason jars and wicker baskets, an old Thanksgiving decoration like one Mama used when I was a kid. It was a turkey with a cardboard head but the rest of it was the honeycomb style that opened and latched onto itself, giving the turkey a big round body. Its cardboard head was bent and its big round body didn’t latch anymore, but I held it up to look at it and wondered whose it used to be, where they might have placed it…

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Looking Cool in Cooler Weather

Looking Cool in Cooler Weather

Mixin’ & Matchin’

A little Friday Night Fun on Polyvore.

In both fashion and decor,
black and white with a bright accent color,
provides wonderful versatility
and virtually unending combinations for design.

Mixin' & Matchin'

Wishes to all for a great weekend.

Later – Cheryl

Thank You Veterans

What wonders we would have known had he lived!

Clawson's Bloggity


Thank you Veterans!!!

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. (John 15:13 NKJV)

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Funky Fifties Fun

Funky Fifties Fun


Hi All.

Today I’ve entered a contest on Polyvore.

and my entry is pictured above.
Red and Turquoise, combined with white,
was one of the popular color schemes of the 1950’s.
If you like that combination, it could be again.
In the next post, I’ll show you some possibilities.

For any of my followers and friends
who are also established on Polyvore,
if you’ve created three sets . . . or more,
you can enter and/or vote
on any entries you like.

If you haven’t yet visited,
Go and explore POLYVORE

Set up an account just for you,
So you can create your own sets too!
Fashion and Home
Art and More
Just have fun and explore!

Talk to you again soon!

Later – Cheryl

A Piece of a Past

Not all of the many blogs I follow are about decor and budgets. A world traveler now settled in New Mexico, writes of her fascinating life at 1 Eclectic Writer. I’m reblogging her recent letter. I enjoyed it very much and hope you will find it interesting as well.

As always, don’t stress too much about things, just start something.

Later – Cheryl