Spiders, Cats & Bats, Oh My!

It’s THAT time of year again.
Add to the fun with these spooky characters



They’re great in a mobile …

like this.

or for Trick or Treat bags …

like this.

Let me know what you do with them!

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I can’t wait to see what you do!

Here’s what I did.

For the treat bags, one-side designs papers are fine, because you don’t see the backs.

For the mobile, it’s easiest to use card stock, construction or papers pretty on both sides. But some of the paper I used is only one-sided so I’ll show you how I prepared those before cutting out the images.


Above is a sheet of scrapbook paper, plain on the back side.

Fold this sheet in half, with your pretty sides showing. Your fold can be either horizontally or diagonally, wherever you get the most room for your template(s).

Open your paper to the white side, and apply glue to only one side of the fold. I use a glue wheel or double-sided tape here. Liquid glue could be used, but would have to be smoothed and spread very thin, and would be a lot messier.


After glued area is ready, fold dry side over onto the glue, and smooth. I smooth it by hand first, and then use my brayer to roll it even flatter.



Now position your templates on the paper.

Next just trace the templates and cut out your object.

Remember, my pieces here are for a mobile, so both sides will be seen.

Supplies are simple.
* a tree branch
* pretty papers. Reversible papers (pretty on both sides) work best but aren’t a necessity
* MOBILE = fish line is what I used, but twine or string will work fine (to attach cutouts to branch)
* BAGS = I bought these brown paper bags in a package at the grocery store
* glue
* scissors
* 2-3 small eye hooks

Have fun with these and as always, don’t stress about it, just start!

Later – Cheryl