Last Minute Christmas Fast Fixes

There are ALWAYS A FEW OF US who need some décor perks FAST, especially during the extended holiday seasons.  So, keeping with my 1-2-3, EZ PZ philosophies about such things . . . here ya go!  Be sure to catch all the TIPS and the LIST of supplies.

1.  BANNER of Christmas Cards

EZ PZ Christmas Banner

Use the actual cards you’ve received, or like these, that I purchased for crafts, at “After Christmas Sales” last year.  FIRST, cut cards in half down the folds and trim rough edges.  NEXT, cut out the front sections from your colored envelopes, like my example, for hand lettered messages EZ PZ Christmas Banner

OR you can simply use the inside message section of your card (the back half).

Christmas Fast Fix Decor

NOW punch holes in the top corners of each piece. USE twine, yarn, ribbon or whatever you want, to string the cards and form your banner.  It is light weight and can be hung with thumb tacks or push pins, without damaging walls.

Christmas Fast Fix Decor

TIPS:  Re: After Christmas sales:  1.  Look for designs that instantly catch your eye.  For banners and many other projects, you’ll want variety so choose cards that have several designs in the box.  These screamed my name right away.  The design is big, colorful and generic themed AND the images are glittered = sparkle and interest.  2.  Look for cards with COLORED ENVELOPES.  That’s just more colored paper for any crafts!
3. Faux Flowers:  Bushes of flowers rather than single stems, give you more bang for your buck.  Just snip off individual blooms to scatter through the house.
4. Wrapping paper:  I always buy the widest, longest rolls … not the short, skimpy ones.  I look for paper in colors that can be used ALL YEAR ROUND not just seasonally.  I buy as many coordinated patterns and colors as I can afford.  Paper doesn’t spoil, right!  5.  DON’T MISS your local thrift store sales, both before and after Christmas.  TON’S of deals there and you’re supporting your community, too!   6. Always start with my golden rule . . . house shop first, use what you already have before buying more! 

2. ORNAMENTS in Anything

Simply put a few colorful ornaments in any container you have;

Christmas Fast Fix Decor

a basket, a bowl, any glass jar or vase available.Christmas Fast Fix Decor

EZ PZ with things you already have.

Christmas Fast Fix Decor

Below, the ornaments are in a beautiful, giant copper leaf piece, a gift from one of my daughters.  The little “Russian Doll” snowmen another daughter and I saw years ago while shopping at Sears.  They were on the check-out counter and I said how cute they were.  So the clerk said “Here, you can have these!”  A memory moment for sure.

Christmas Fast Fix Decor

YES … you know it.  Even my bathroom gets decorated.

Christmas Fast Fix Decir

BLING belongs everywhere. . . you knew that, right!

Christmas Fast Fix Decor


Pointsettias are everywhere.  Buy one or two for important spots in your room.

Christmas Fast Fix Decor

Pine branches are easy to come by and so are fake pine garlands.

Ease into Christmas "Feature"

A small grouping of pine, a faux flower and a Holiday item are an instant little vignette.

Christmas Fast Fix Decor

See, you don’t need a lot.  Sometimes simplicity is elegant, effective … and FAST.  And putting that blue plant container in a Christmas colored basket would be great too!  The table runner is paper and ribbon.  See below


Ease into Christmas "Feature"

Put one of your houseplants in a bright basket.  Wrap some empty boxes in varied sizes and papers.  Only takes a few minutes.  OR you could wrap small items you’re giving as guest favors and throw them in a big basket.  NO TREE . . . take a bamboo basket or tub, and put all your gift-wrapped presents in them.  Lots of bang with what you have already.


This is one of the most easy and fun ideas.  No pictures but just use your imagination.  Make one  big bow for a centerpiece.  Make several small bows to scatter here, there and everywhere.  Make a quick tree garland or wall banner with thick ribbon and a few unbreakable ornaments.  Wrap jars with pretty ribbon and use as serving pieces … hold candy, silverware, extra napkins, etc.  HAVE FUN.


?? Candy ??  YES, that’s what it says.  Hey talk about multiple duties: decor, gifts, food AND inexpensive.  C’mon people, candy is perfect!Christmas Fast Fix Decor

Stores have tons of beautiful foil wrapped chocolates and candies for the holidays.  USE em!  OR Candy canes are cheap, pretty and edible.  Hang them on the tree, put em’ in a jar (with a ribbon tied round it).

The next shot includes Paper, Fabric, Pine Branches and Ornaments, used in pieces I already owned.  AND this arrangement carried me during Fall through New Years that year!

Christmas Fast Fix Decor

SUPPLIES used in these projects

Christmas cards & colored envelopes
Wrapping paper
Fabric remnants
Unbreakable Christmas Ornaments
Christmas decor pieces (you already have)
Already owned vases, jars, holders, etc.

FINALLY . . . I know, this has been a long one, yikes.  But here’s the EASIEST.

Christmas Fast Fix Decor

Christmas Fast Fix Decor










Take down some of your wall art pictures; wrap them with pretty paper and ribbon, then hang em’ back up. There you go … instant Christmas decor.


Hope these have been positive inspirations to help you eliminate those last minute stresses.  We’ll talk again soon.

Later – Cheryl


Valentines Cards . . . EZ-PZ Make-do Project

Don't forget to decorate and make matching envelopes

Don’t forget to decorate and make matching envelopes

Hi All.

Today begins my mini-marathon of fun projects for Valentine’s celecbrations.

Starting off with some very simple, make-do cards. Remember, my make-do projects are done with no extra shopping, just using what I have available in my stash at home. These turned out nicely.

Here’s my SUPPLY LIST:
1. Heavy card stock or construction paper for the actual card (8 1/2 x 11″ sheets)
2. Pretty papers to decorate the card – here I used wrapping paper and paint sample cards.
3. Decorative scissors and/or punches. I used both.
4. Glue – I used both Tacky Glue and my Glue Wheel. The wheel is cleaner.
5. Invitation size envelopes – I have these on hand, but you can purchase anywhere. Invitation size is 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″.

MAKING CARDS: Wrapping paper scraps, paint color and color range cards

MAKING CARDS: Wrapping paper scraps, paint color and color range cards

TIP: During my post-season shopping this year, I got some great deals on beautiful wrapping paper, in generic colors that can be used all year round. These cost $1.00 each a roll, opposed to the $4 – $5 seasonal price. So I got all five rolls for the price of one originally!

Paint sample cards available FREE at any paint department or store

Paint sample cards available FREE at any paint department or store

Any store with a paint department has various paint sample cards and sheets and they’re FREE.

Paint color range cards.  Use the colors seperately or cut shapes across two colors for a fun look

Paint color range cards. Use the colors seperately or cut shapes across two colors for a fun look

Decorative Punches.  You can also just cut out your own shapes.

Decorative Punches. You can also just cut out your own shapes.

INSTRUCTIONS are so easy.

Take your sheet of card stock and cut it in half, so you have two pieces 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ diameters.

A half sheet heavy paper (half of an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet) An invitation sized envelope (4 1/4 x 5 1/2")

A half sheet heavy paper (half of an 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet)
An invitation sized envelope (4 1/4 x 5 1/2″)

Now BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR PERMANENT FOLD, loosely hold the edges together and trim with a decorative scissors, cutting both at the same time. Or just fashion a design with regular scissors.

1/2 sheet with top/bottom edges trimmed.

1/2 sheet with top/bottom edges trimmed.

Once trimmed, make your permanent FOLD. Here, I wanted a tongue fold but you can just do a normal 1/2 fold if you want. I like the tongue fold because the inside hangs out below in the front and you get to see pretty decorations on the inside as well as just the front.


I sat for a time and just punched out various sizes and shapes of designs. Then I played with shapes and laid out various designs.

Layout your design

Layout your design

Then just glue things on. I prefer a glue wheel, because it doesn’t get any overlap glue on the front of your card and decorations. But tacky glue works too, you just have to be more careful.

Glue onto card with tacky glue OR a dry-glue wheel.

Glue onto card with tacky glue OR a dry-glue wheel.

For your message, you can handwrite a message. I often use metallic colored markers for this. Or as in the picture below, I just type a little verse in a fun font, cut it out and pasted it in. I thought this card’s front looked like eyes in glasses frames and I had used stars so I said “Your Love has me Seeing Stars”.

Inside, you can type up a little verser or write a message with a pretty marker (metallic colors are nice)

Inside, you can type up a little verse or write a message with a pretty marker (metallic colors are nice)

That’s it for today, but watch for another project soon.

As always, don’t stress, just start that project.

Later -Cheryl

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Pretty Gift Box, E-Z Make-do Project

A bit of ambition and inspiration struck yesterday, so I decided to take on a quick, make-do project. Remember, my make-do ideas are strictly no spending, no store trips. The only shopping done is shopping my house to see what I can come up with.

After making some note cards as a gift for a friend, I needed something to put them in, so the search was on. There were two decent white board boxes, but one was too small and while the perfect size, the lid on the second box was yellowed and had some small dents; not good gift material! All the available decorative bags were winter themed and that was definately out. Any gift paper found was too heavy to wrap the small box lid smoothly. I have lots of wrapping tissue, so chose three bright colors for a collage effect for the box lid.

Adults and kids alike find this a fun, easy application with beautiful results, that can be used in many ways.

The supply list is simple.

Colored tissue wrapping paper, water based glue and plain water. That’s all you need. I use either Elmer’s white glue or as in this case, Tacky glue. Both work well, but Elmer’s is a bit thinner consistency and will dry a little quicker, which is nice for this project, but not a must. Tacky was in my cabinet so that’s what I used here. If you have a flat, synthetic craft brush, it comes in handy, but plain old fingers work fine too (they’re just a little messier 🙂 ).

1. Tear your tissue into pieces sized for easy work with your object. Here we’re covering the lid of a small box so don’t want very big pieces.

2. Squeeze some glue over a section of your object, then smooth the glue over that portion, adding just a drop or two of water to make a damp glaze.

3. Lay on a piece of paper, then gently pinch at the paper to create wrinkled texture.

4. Continue until the top is well covered, then wet a side of the lid and adhere smaller sized pieces. Work them into the wet top. Leave a dry edge hanging down at the bottom of the box’s sides. DON’T wrap glue and paper into the inside of the lid.

5. Repeat until you get desired look and texture. Let dry, then carefully trim off dry edges.

TIP 1: Tear your tissue rather than cut. Jagged, natural edges are more interesting in this application.
TIP 2: Don’t use a natural bristle brush as glue is difficult to remove completely. Even with synthetic, keep your brush wet when not in use, so that glue isn’t able to dry and damage brush. Wash up with warm water and ordinary dish liquid.
TIP 3: After completed project dries, add one final coating of glue over entire surface, to give a nice sheen to your finished piece.

Finally, I lined the box with tissue, then put the envelopes, more tissue and lastly the cards. This was a set of eight note cards and I always include two extra envelopes.
An inexpensive, quick and easy project that any age will enjoy making OR receiving.

My friend Linda loved her gift!

As always, don’t stress, just start.
Later – Cheryl