Fall is Halloween and More

Yep, I finally fessed up to the fact that it is Fall. Harvest season with colorful leaves, crisp air, plaids and pumpkins, and (for me) lots of Orange !

Decorating is easy in Autumn . . .

Inside . . .

This quick little display is as simple as just a line of pretty vases, in varied heights, finishes and colors, with a dollar store figurine set between. Don’t have that many things? The middle three pieces would work just as well here.

Outside . . .

Some natural pieces, a pumpkin and an interesting old pail, set on a cedar porch against rough wood siding and your porch is done. The orange color can carry this from Fall through Halloween and on to Thanksgiving.

HINTS: 1. Using varied textures, colors, sizes and heights of objects gives interest to your displays 2. Working with an odd number of pieces can be helpful when starting your display. As you progress, add more, or not.

Pictured here are three individual displays. Either would work on it’s own in a small spaces. Or all could work together like below, where they are on the piano shelf. spread out. The fabric grounds the display and helps the pieces relate to each other. But, let’s take it one step further.

By uniting the three smaller sets, you have a more comfortable, cohesive look. It happens to center with the music rack behind, accomplishing good balance to boot ūüôā

Don’t let the thought of decorating discourage you. Keep it simple, use what you like and what you have on hand. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Except for one gift item included, most everything used in these displays was thrifted, from second hand shops, garage sales and the like.

Small can say it all, and you may have just what you need to do it.

One beautiful vase set among houseplants, is more than enough to brighten things up. A copper bowl, a candle holder and a small, colorful kitchen jar take very little space, but hit the spot on this kitchen island. A plant, a pitcher and a few artificial leaves is a quick, easy display. Copper is a wonderful accent for fall. Here a copper tray, a teacup w/saucer and a bright orange basket are simple things but come together nicely with an added touch or two.

HINTS: 1. No matter the scale, in any display the pieces should “play well together”. Which just means they should gather together, even touch rather than having too much space in between (piano photos above). 2. Displays need to be unified. Fabrics and decorative papers are an easy way to achieve this. A bright scarf weaved through or a table runner beneath to ground it.

That covers the Fall and More parts of the title. . . . so . . . on to Halloween :O

Here’s are two fun, easy projects for almost any age.

A mobile is always fun, but especially at Halloween. And these cute cutouts work on little handout bags on Halloween night, for candy. Find “how-to” and print files below.

Halloween Handout  Bags

LINKS to projects and cutout HERE and HERE

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Enjoy your Fall, your home . . . and your Halloween. Be safe.

Until next time – Cheryl

A Little Work While Waiting … for SPRING.

Yesterday was gorgeous here and revived spirits and senses.¬† Even though it’s still March in Minnesota and could snow like mad again any moment, one day of warm weather and walks outdoors does amazing things to a person.¬† I decided to “Spring” things up around here and got to work.

The credenza shelves in the hallway entrance were changed from this look, which has been up since Christmas was stored away.



I thrifted some wonderful dishes recently, and the colors steered me towards light blues and whites.




The new arrangement has those dishes with some of my mid-century Japanese blue ware, and several of my glossed white figurines.




Newer Artzzle readers and followers may not know that I have lots of favorite things that have been collected over time.¬† Plates, pottery and miscellaneous decor items, just to name a few.¬† And I know a couple people who would say I bring home “anything I fall in love with”.¬† Well … ?¬† One of my other favorite things is thrifting which doesn’t help!

Plates and pyrex, creamer/sugar sets and salt/pepper sets are just a few items I love.

We live in a small home and like things to be straightened and uncluttered.

Artzzle COUNTRY LIVING Feature

I should probably say that we need to keep it that way, because there’s not much free space available for stuff.¬† Now although I’m not a hoarder, I do have me some stuff.¬† So we’ve had to be inventive.¬† I’m a stager/decorator and among my Husband’s many talents is woodworking.¬† Between the two of us, we’ve redesigned all of our closets to better utilize our spaces, and Hubs has made several shelves for displays throughout the house.¬† These wonderful features allow me to change out displays as often as the urge hits me!

I designed this shelf to fit beneath the cabinet bottom.  The shelf itself, has two grooves cut lengthwise, to hold several plates.  Also, the width is deep enough to hold cups, small bowls and decor items (see earlier picture).  We then added cup hooks on the bottom of the shelf for a different display look.  This takes up very little space (great for apartments as you can take it with you), and keeps my counters clear.


The front door, with its’ new coat & color of paint, got an Easter Look for Spring.


And scattered about . . .


are smaller glimpses . . .


of Easter and Spring.


I know many of you have small apartments or smaller homes such as ours.  How do you use your spaces to display your treasures?

Just want to give a big HELLO & WELCOME to recent new followers.  I love hearing from you so feel free to leave a comment.  Know that you need to mark the box for follow-up comments.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.¬† We’ll talk again soon.

Later¬† –¬† Cheryl





Lots of WOW for $0 and 15 minutes

Got company coming this weekend?
Need to spruce up your place¬†… quickly, cheaply, easily?
Round up some of your treasures and have a little fun.
It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Start with 3 items of different heights and textures (add more later if you want). ¬†You can go¬†‚Äútheme-y‚ÄĚ with¬†similar pieces, or pure random just showing off things you love.

Purely random here . . .¬†1. Rusty star, 2. Silver ceramic figurine, 3. Jawbone, naturally bleached. OK,¬†I KNOW . . . you don’t have (or may not want) an animal’s jawbone. ¬†I’m just goin’ for the process here. ¬†You’ll be using your own great¬†stuff!
Artzzle Display Feature

The jaw isn’t for everyone, but have to say . . . it‚Äôs the most talked-about arrangement in our house; a real eye-catcher and a great conversation piece.

TIP: Group your pieces, let them touch.  You want them to connect.  Sometimes a straight line works . . . but not too often.

Got books?¬†Show em off. ¬†Below, several big books are placed under artwork and dressed up with three decorative pieces. ¬†1-2-3 you’re done!

Artzzle Display Feature

It’s easy to jazz up a shelf. ¬†All we did here was line up three nice, but different vases to give things a little shine. ¬†(YES, a line works fine here.) ¬†NOTE: Use varied heights and patterns, and don’t put too much space between the items. ¬†Pull them closer together.

Everyone¬†has dishes and I’ve never met anyone who hates candy or¬†flowers.
Dress up a convenient¬†spot with 1. Bowl, 2. Plate, 3. Mug. ¬†Add some flowers & greens from your yard. Throw in some goodies and you’ve got a great look on a kitchen table or the end of a counter. Just make sure it’s easy access for your guests.

Artzzle Display Feature

Don’t have¬†or¬†want the matchy-matchy look?¬†No garden flowers? Use what you’ve got and like. 1. Paint can, 2. Tin, 3. Odd plate.

Artzzle Display Feature Clip some evergreens or shrub branches. YES, evergreens work all year round (but maybe use something besides peppermints and red candies when it’s not Christmas ūüôā OR, pick up a cheap assorted flower bunch at the local box store – around $5 or less.

Artzzle Display Feature

Maybe you don’t have a yard at all. ¬†Above, we just put root clippings from two houseplants into water. ¬†EZ PZ. ¬†(These stems will be planted after they root).

How about plants and books? ¬†1. Houseplant, 2. Books, 3. Handmade wooden mallet. ¬†You’ll have personal pieces of your own.

TIP: ¬†Notice the little angle to the books. ¬†EXPERIMENT, don’t always just line things up, or pull everything evenly to the front..

Artzzle Display Feature

You GUYS can use¬†these tips too. ¬†Just work¬†what you have and follow the same 1-2-3’s. ¬†Below are more masculine¬†displays. ¬†Again, really easy, just use¬†things you already have.

Artzzle Display Feature

Natural wood pieces and beautiful rocks make great accents. On top, we used the paint can and house plant cuttings again, along with a little handmade fishing pole, a found rock and a VICTORY cycle gas cap.  (these all have meaning for a special fella of mine)

Artzzle Display Feature

TIP: The fishing plaque was simply positioned on the wall with putty (big box stores). It holds light weight things, can be as temporary or permanent as you want. ¬†Doesn’t hurt the wall upon removal.

Artzzle Display Feature Artzzle Display Feature

Again, have fun and EXPERIMENT.   Here, three decorative boxes, more books, some natural elements and yes . . . even magazines.  This display was easy, and tells a story about the  person who lives here.

TIP: ¬†Play! ¬†Books can be upright but try leaning or stacking a few. ¬† Magazines laying around? ¬†Gather them up in a nice bunch and show em’ off.

Baskets are great in lots of places.  The one below stores (and displays) books and magazines.  NOTE:  Three pottery pieces on table top also hold books and treats.

Artzzle Display Feature

TIP:  For anyone . . . a quick dress-up for a couch: 1. Throw, 2. Toss Pillows.  Use a throw, small colorful blanket Рtoss it over the corner (or middle) of the couch, pull it together in the middle, then throw a couple toss pillows over the corner (or middle).

It’s also quick and easy, to pop flowers or a plant into a nice basket.

Artzzle Display Feature

Accent with favorite items. ¬†Add a colorful placemat or scarf underneath and you’ve got a great table look.

Artzzle Display Feature

So just as the title promised . . .

  • $0¬†money spent using what you already have
  • Quick Spruce Up
  • Easy tips that anyone can do

Wishes to all for a safe, happy Memorial Day Weekend.

And remember, stress less . . . start more.

Later – Cheryl