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Okay, YES, I’m still on the “same letter” train.  Hey, I’m likin’ it.

Lately, I’ve needed to review my stash of fun finds. Somethings had to be removed, to clear out space for the upcoming sale season.  You know … all those important sales i.e. Garage, Yard, Barn and Funky Junk sales.  Although I’ve yet to buy a garage or barn.
I find cool stuff inside them!

This week I went metal … that’s metal NOT mental
Here are three obscure pieces I grabbed.

Artzzle Fun Finds Projects

Well, the basket is recognizable, but I have no idea
what those other things were for, originally.
I just liked em’ and knew what I wanted to do with them.
It involved cardboard, spray-paint, wood and mineral oil. (How’s that for a teaser?)

Artzzle Fun Finds Projects

Oh and also coming in to play, cookbooks, dishes and jewelry.  Just wait, you’ll see.    Must mention also, that the projects included Hubs.  Very important factor here.  Using his cardboard collection and a few clamps, Hubs set up a spray booth for me.

He included ventilation, hang wires and all necessary protective equipment.  Ceiling fans and air exchanger were activated, and as it was a warmer day, the back screen was opened a bit too, for added ventilation.

Artzzle Fun Finds Prjects Artzzle Fun Finds Prjojects

I did a quick cleanup on the bare metal pieces before starting to paint.

Metal Basket Cleanup

My product of choice for the paint was Rustoleum in a Hammered Copper color.

Artzzle Fun Finds ProjectsI always begin with small, quick sprays to avoid drips.  But have to admit,
somewhere towards the end of the project, I’m usually just spraying away to get done.

Artzzle Fun Finds ProjectsFinal step, we let the painted pieces dry over night, so as not to be sticky.

Artzzle Fun Finds Projects

Next comes the wood … and in this case, some of those beautiful,
raw walnut pieces Hubs has stashed away. This piece would hang on the wall.

Artzzle Fun Finds Projects Artzzle Fun Finds ProjectsBecause of the awkward shape, it wouldn’t hang level.

Artzzle Fun Find ProjectsSo I chose the pretty walnut slab as a backer and this is the final result.

Artzzle Fun Finds ProjectsThe mineral oil is an economical, all natural way to finish wood.
It brings out all the beautiful details, flaws and colors.  It’s very inexpensive and you can find it easily in grocery, big box, pharmacy and dollar stores.

Project MaterialsUse a clean, lint-free cloth and apply it generously.
Don’t worry, it will be dry-to-the-touch in just a short time.

Artzzle Fun Finds Projects, Wooden MalletsAbove and Below are two wooden mallet projects, Hubs made from scratch

Artzzle Fun Finds Projects, Wooden Mallet

Finally, we took the items in and played.
Here are the final results.
Artzzle Fun Finds Project Basket Artzzle Fun Finds Project, Basket Artzzle Fun Finds Project, Plate Rack Artzzle Fun Finds Projects Plate Rack

With the jewelry item piece, I knew immediately what I wanted it for.

Artzzle Fun Find Projects, Jewelry Rack

Hubs hooked the rack to the wood on the front, with little screw straps.  Then he pre- drilled into the wood and attached the entire piece onto the wall using mollie pieces with two decorative screws.,

Artzzle Fun Finds Project, Jewelry Rack

The basket was just a no-brainer purchase, cheap and for so many uses.  The plate rack piece … well, I REALLY HAD TO THINK about what to do with that, but just knew I wanted to bring it home.

COSTS for everything:  Walnut wood free, from friends who had storm downed trees last summer.  Paint was $6 or less, as I rarely pay more than that.  The basket was $3 and the other two metal pieces were part of a $5 basket of fun junk at a barn sale.  The little bottle of mineral oil was under $2.  Hubs keeps that on hand in his wood shop.

PLEASED with the results:  Have to tell you, I’m over the moon happy with our results. The plate and jewelry storage items were essential storage items, but turned out double-duty pieces as they are pretty for decor too!  Baskets are ALWAYS a great accessory in decorating, but I usually find them in wicker or ceramic.  I freaked out when I saw this one, and HAD TO HAVE IT.  I mean $3 … c’mon!

Have a good weekend all and as always, don’t stress too much about that project, just start it and sometimes it’ll just take off on it’s own, using all of your talents!

Later – Cheryl


Such a “girly” Girl

Gracie Mae is our “girly” girl.

Quite the fashionista . . . she’s always up with the latest looks.
She absolutely adores white shoes . . . and has several pairs.

Gray and pink are trademark colors for Grace . . . in attire AND accessories. ARTZZLE.COM
That scarf goes so nicely with your gorgeous fur coat, Grace.

Leopard print is a fabric of choice so, she had a special throw designed. ARTZZLE.COM
Ooh, Gracie . . . how chic!

As a true Minnesotan, Grace loves every little bit of sunlight, so she puts her favorite chair right by the window. Clever arrangement here, as she can sun and attend to her important guard dog duties, simultaneously.
Wonderful planning, GM.

Always ahead in the decor game too, our gal constantly surrounds herself with home style magazines, and loves all mom’s design books.
Traditional Home is one of her most loved suscriptions.

SPECIAL NOTE HERE: The photo above had a second shot as well, with Grace laying on top of a pile of magazines. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out . . . because I climbed up into the upholstered chair to take it from a different angle . . . but all I took was . . . a terrible fall to the floor. In mid air, just as I said "Whew, I could have hit my head on the piano!" . . . I smashed my back into a metal based ottoman(with very little padding left on top).

LONG STORY SHORT . . . I cracked two ribs, and laid there on the floor, while calling Hubs home from work, for yet another ER trip. Positives to be taken from this. 1. I have sworn off climbing up on anything (at least when I’m the only one home). 2. This pain, while very uncomfortable, is much easier to tolerate than lower back and disk pain. Oh yes, #3. Hubs got off of work!

But now . . . back to Gracie’s story.

Grace is also very economical and environmentally minded. Her favorite toys are the tubes from TP and Paper towels.
Good girl, GM . . . reuse, recyle!

But absolute proof of our “girly girl” claims . . .
Gracie Mae hates mornings!! AHhhh!
Every morning when she hears me coming down the hall . . .
she tries pretending she’s still asleep . . . thinking I’ll go away and leave her alone.

The ploy never works though.
Yah yah . . . OK . . . I'm awake."

But she doesn’t fret for too long . . .
. . . just finds another spot where the sun’s better anyway!

So there you have it . . . the tough and tragic life of Gracie Mae.

Being a good mom, not to be unfair and mean, one day soon, I’ll share Fozz’s routine.

Until then, stay safe, stay positive and . . . don’t stress, just start something.

Later – Cheryl

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Thanksgiving Thinking

Hi All,

Thanks for the wonderful comments and emails on the Halloween posts. So glad you enjoyed them. Karianne at THISTLEWOOD FARMS has inspired me to come up with some cutout printables for Thanksgiving as well, so expect a project soon. Checkout Kari’s site over there. She is a Hoot! 🙂

With that said, I know I’m not the only one who’s glad that Halloween is done. The pumpkins are pooping out and any color other than orange, is much welcomed at this point. Still, it’s a bit odd that the BIG BOX stores are already decked out in red and green. What about that holiday in between? You know, the big Gobble-Gobble with the green bean casserole and pumpkin pie.

After my latest budget “fun finds”, I’m into some fun Thanksgiving designs. I found several great fabric pieces in the remnant bin at Wal-Mart. Two are for more easy make table runners, like the one I’ve already finished, pictured. The tutorial is at the end of this post.

The others are for another RAG WREATH . If you missed that post, check it out. I’m tickled to tell you that the Wreath for All Seasons was one of my most popular posts yet! A friend wants help making hers so thought I would do another along with her as a demo.

The wonderful works of world renowned artist MARIE THURMAN have inspired me to get creative with some decorative glass and ceramic ware. You’ll love this easy, inexpensive project. Found the perfect glass and plates to use, at my local Discovery Thrift Store. Article coming soon. Also coming up, a twenty-five cent TV tray will get a remarkable re-do and new use.

My continued search for cool, new blogger buddies means another “FEATURED FAVORITES” spot in the very near future as well.

But today, look how easy and inexpensive this table runner is to make. And it only takes about an hour.

I’m using two compatible fabrics and some decorative wired ribbon to make three runners that will criss-cross over the table top.

First, I cut the polka-dot fabric lengthwise, to create two equal pieces. Then I trimmed off the end edges.


Next I pressed the fabric with my iron on a low-steam setting. It had some heavy wrinkles, so I placed a lightly dampened wash-cloth over those areas and did another light press over. Just don’t have the wash-cloth too wet or the steam setting too hot.

Now, I cut four pieces of my metallic, wired ribbon; two that are two inches longer than the length sides, and two that are two inches longer than the width. You want your ribbon to have an extra inch on each end, so that you can miter/match your corners a bit later.

While my low temp glue gun was heating, I covered the top of my ironing board with wax paper. This will catch any glue goofs and protect the pad. Place your fabric FACE SIDE UP on the ironing board. Beginning on a length side of the fabric, I lined up my ribbon (with one inch hanging beyond the end) then pinned down the ribbon and pinned down a few areas of the fabric. TIP: be sure to allow a one inch overhang of ribbon, beyond the end of the fabric. AND start your glue line down an inch or so from the end of your fabric. You’ll have one inch of ribbon unglued to the fabric and one inch over hang.

Now begin to glue. I ran a very thin line of glue about a quarter inch in from the edge of the fabric, going as far as one glue pull would take me. Now begin placing the ribbon on top of the glue line, gently because it is hot.

Go back and pat down the ribbon onto the glue. Continue until you are an inch from the opposite end.


When your first edge is done, go back to the beginning and glue your inside edge, following the same procedure, placing glue about a quarter inch above the inside edge of your ribbon.

If you go crooked and off line with your glue, DON’T WORRY, just leave it alone for now. Correct your line and continue gluing.

When your ribbon is attached, and glue is dry, you simply go back to the extra glue on your fabric, rub back and forth a couple times and gently pull it up and snip it off.

Complete both glue lines of one length edge and then do your width edge next. BEFORE YOU BEGIN to glue this second ribbon piece, overlap your loose end pieces. Then cut a miter cut through both pieces. Pull away the excess ribbon and you’ll have a mitered corner. Now begin gluing this edge, following the same steps as before.

Do each remaining side in the same manner.

Here’s the final project.


FABRIC, cut to preferred width and length; this project was 13.25″ width by 43″ length.
GLUE GUN, low temp and 2 GLUE STICKS were used for this project
WIRED RIBBON; I used a 1 1/2 inch width ribbon.

I’m going to make an identical runner, and then two long runners in the striped fabric. Not sure if I’ll use the same ribbon on those. One will be used in the table group, and the other in the next room on the piano, to keep the look going.

This is a quick and easy, economical project that can add a little perk to any table. I’m using mine for Thanksgiving! Let me know what you do with yours.

Later – Cheryl

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