Quick Non-Food “Stuff” for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving preparations are at hand.
Menus being made, days being planned.
Arranging rooms for extra seating.
Cleaning, cooking, talking, eating.
The youngest crowd might be ignored.
They get restless, they get bored.
Keep all kids busy with fun projects they’ll like.
Have the older kids help the little tikes.

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Finger puppets and velcro turkeys can be found in my 2013 Thanksgiving post.  Everything you need is over there, including the full color printables and easy supply list.Artzzle.com

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Below, the adorable turkeys are only one of the cute ideas you’ll find from Jamielyn Nye’s post over at Baby Center.

10 Thanksgiving crafts for kids Jamielyn Nye


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You’ll have lots of paper projects to pick from over at Enchanted Learning.

I especially liked their construction paper turkey decoration
which lists what a child is thankful for.


If you’re in need of last minute decorating fixes,
click the pic’s below
for some easy ideas!




The project above is both pretty and pretty easy to do.  The version below is prettied up even more by just adding some sparkly wrapping paper.


And that’s all for today.
You’ll remember from last time
that at our house. we’re celebrating the
Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays together this year in mid-December.
Different dates but sentiments are the same.

Stay safe until next time.
Later – Cheryl


Thanksgiving … for the Kids

Hi All,

The next few days are all about those finishing touches for Thanksgiving. On the day itself, with all the adults talking over the cooking and eating, sometimes kids find themselves needing something to do, too. I played a while on the computer today and designed some cute print-ables just for them.


Just print this file THANKSGIVING PRINTS

Cut them out and they become either …

finger-puppets or …


pins for the kids.

All you need … besides scissors and a little time … is


1. White cardstock
2. Scotch tape … or
3. Adhesive Velcro dots


Just print and cut out the images. TIP: For puppets just remember to cut side strips that can fold to the back and be taped in a loop. They’ll fit over one finger for older kids, or two for the little ones.

For pins, one velcro dot goes on the back of the piece, and the other goes on the front of the child’s shirt. Voila you have a cute little pin.



Until next time, don’t stress, just start something.

And have a wonderful, safe and … HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Later – Cheryl

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