AFRAID of GRAYS . . . Part 2

Perhaps to change some minds about GRAY!

AFRAID of GRAYS . . . # 2


WHY DOESN’T THIS GRAY BELOW FEEL COLD? The picture below is from one of my HOUZZ IDEABOOKS. It’s a favorite for many reasons, but note the gray walls and patterned wallpaper. It’s nice and warm because of the furniture pieces.

The shelves pick up the warm oranges, browns and gold with the accessories and the gray wallpaper backing works, because of the added neutral pattern. This paper use also adds texture and a fun interest to the room’s decor.


HERE’S ANOTHER PAPER BACKED SHELF EXAMPLE.. Erin over at How to NEST FOR LESS used it in her pantry.



LOOK AT THIS WILD GRAY! It certainly heats up this bedroom! (get it, hot … bedroom … maybe I’ll just stick to decorating!) ūüė¶ Anyhoo … another of my HOUZZ pictures.


AS PROMISED, CLOSING NOW TO KEEP THIS SHORT. Have fun with all the links . . . and some of you gray grievers, let me know if things are warming up for ya!

YOU KNOW THE LAST LINE. Don’t stress out, just start something.

Later – Cheryl

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Design Inspirations from Kelly Wearstler

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I’m Linking Up at the party over at¬†AKA Design and Life today


Hi All.

One of the

around today is
She’s literally everywhere.

IN PRINT . . . here are just two of tons.

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST featured her, saying “To hire Los Angeles designer Kelly Wearstler is to buy into her singularly bedazzling, high-chroma style.”

VOGUE MAGAZINE, writer Hamish Bowles discovers “Kelly Wearstler brings fearless graphic flair to everything from hotels to scarves‚ÄĒand now, to her own Hollywood manse.”


I couldn’t possibly begin to list every online avenue for Kelly. So I’d suggest a simple GOOGLE to choose which sources look most ¬†interesting to you. ¬†HOUZZ, of course, is on my fav’s web source list. It’s a stockpile¬†(14,800+ images)¬†of pictures of Wearstler’s designs¬†¬†Regular Readers know and¬†follow me there.

In wallpaper

In upholstery and decor fabrics.

And with a wonderful line of accessories, both decor and fashion.

 Be sure to look up her publications, including this one.

A basic summary on Kelly can be found on WIKIPEDIA

CHERYL SAYS: Ms. Wearstler is fearless in her pursuit of design, in any area she chooses to explore.  And need I mention . . . successful in all of those pursuits.

As often mentioned on Artzzle, I like a few things about many, many designers and styles. I very much enjoy her¬†bold use of black and white (DYNAMIC DUO), and¬†I admire her¬†decor AND fashion accessories pieces. While product line pricing is prohibitive to many shoppers’ budgets,¬†you CAN find some of the smaller items¬†affordable if you research online. ¬†And you “KNOCK OFF” DIYers, could have some fun with her wonderful works.

Thanks so much for visiting.
As always, don’t stress too much, just start something!

Later – Cheryl

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“To Do” . . or . . “Not To Do” that is the question

Hi All.

Hey, CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD JOB DONE . . . to those of you who have recently completed a wall painting project!

So is the new color fine, but you had a little more “umph” in mind? Consider this option next . . . Trims and mouldings.

Trim and moulding, even in small quatities, can instantly dress up a room, and give it a finished look. And it is something that beginners can do and afford, not just the seasoned DIYers.

True, you must be accurate in your measuring and cutting, but newbies can use straight cuts, butted, where as experience allows the more complicated mitered cuts and joints. And your pieces can be anything from inexpensive, primed MDF or pine that you’ll paint, all the way up to solid, finished hardwoods that you stain.

Let’s have fun looking at some wonderful examples from my HOUZZ files.

BEFORE YOU CLICK on the photo below,
just want to let you know . . . what happens next.

  • 1. Click on the photo below
  • 2. On 2nd screen – click that same photo
  • 3. On final (large) screen, click again on the photo to get to SLIDESHOW.

    Man, I hope this works! \:>)

  • Easy, Quick Floral Projects

    SAY IT AIN’T SO. It can’t be Labor Day already!

    Autumn isn’t fast approaching … it’s here … well, in just a couple days. And in Minnesota it entered early with a little help from the extremely dry summer. Lot’s of yellows and browns on the scene now, so we’re all anxious to capture as much living color as possible, before it’s gone.

    Most people consider “flower arrangements” strictly as something that someone else does and you buy it commercially. Well, I’m here to say “that ain’t so!” You don’t have to be a trained, professional florist [like me ūüôā ] to bring beauty into your home, and you don’t have to pay a fortune either.

    All you really need are containers, water and flowers.
    But here are some EASY and INEXPENSIVE TOOLS to help polish your look.
    * Floral Tape
    * Floral Wire
    * Clear Glass Containers

    Pictured is green floral tape. I also use a clear, top coated floral tape (sorry didn’t have any today). Both can be purchased at big box or craft stores, usually no more than $1-2, as can the wire.

    Floral wire comes in several widths, strengths (gauges). I usually keep on hand one light weight and 1 heavier gauge. Pictured is 26 gauge (a light wire).

    Also shown, are clear glass containers. These are use when you want to set your flowers inside another container. I use clear, unornamented glass when my display containers are see-through, such as two of the three in the featured arrangements. I have a set of 5 small, clear glass bowls (with orange flowers here) that are handy. I got mine at DISCOVERY THRIFT in Milaca, MN, for $3. They have black lids and I’ve seen them commercially as well, just can’t recall the name. I also use several sizes of tube vases, which I pick up at garage sales and thrift shops. You can buy them at the store, but for a lot more moola.

    TIPS: STEM WRAPS are a great technique to help give your flowers more form (instead of just setting loose in the vase of water). You can use tape or wire.

    1. Here, I’ve used the green tape to wrap my stems, because while the seedum stem is wide, it is a SOFT stem, and the tape or wire might damage the flower(s). EXAMPLE: In the supply photo earlier, notice that I’ve done a wrap to demonstrate.

    2. The clear tape is used to criss-cross over the top of your container, making an open grid that you can use to help place and support your flowers, in a wide-mouthed vase. I didn’t need that technique here. This tape is double-duty, as it is strong and nearly invisible. You can also use it to do a small stem wrap when using heavy, wooded stems in your arrangements.

    Finally, for the fun part, FLOWERS and FILLERS. Here I used what was available in my garden and yard.

    * Seedum (brown vase)
    * Marigolds & seedum Leaves (low bowl)
    * Wild flowers (orange vase)
    [I don’t know the name here; these were plantings from a friend that took over a large space in my garden JOIN MEon HOUZZ Discussions tomorrow, as I submit a question, to see if anyone can tell me what they are.]

    2 kinds of wild grasses


    1. Don’t always think you have to do big, tall or wide arrangements. Get creative. The marigolds here are mini’s from my garden, but I cut them clear down to the end of the bud and just floated them in the water. Also, remember with ANY kind of flowers, silk or live, I keep everything until the project is done to my liking. Today, I wanted more colorful, taller seedums with bare stems because they would show. Their leaves are pretty too, so I stripped the stems and surrounded my marigolds with the indiviual leaves.

    2. STORE BOUGHT FLOWERS Don’t have a garden available (yours or anyone else’s)? Buy one of the $4.99 tub bouquets available at stores and markets everywhere. Then get creative! Often these have lime green, mini button mums, which would work instead of my marigolds here, as would mini carnations.

    For taller flowers, vary your heights (3 different heights, remember). Hold them in the arrangement you like, then do your stem wrap to keep them there in your vase.

    Aw, come on. You’ve got this by now. Use your imagination here: cans, baskets, pretty glasses and bowls. What about a pretty box (using your separate inside containers). If you have a see-through metal basket, float two or three kinds of small blooms in random little bowls. Very rustic look there.

    The key with loose, casual arrangements like these, is to keep it simple. If they look too bare and empty sitting alone, put them together as the 3 here. Hey, my old magic number. 3 objects, 3 heights, 3 different kinds of flowers; the unifier is the use of the similar type containers (decorative, colored glass).

    That’s it. Quick, easy decor projects to brighten up your place when those holiday guests stop over.

    Remember, don’t stress, just start.
    Later – Cheryl

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    Minnesota Nice … AND Busy

    In our state we have a saying “Minnesota Nice” because we think we’re pretty likeable. Well, whether the weather is cold or hot, we also keep very busy in Minnesota. August and September are our last warm months of the year, which means busy … busy … busy, and I am too!

    Our oldest daughter is getting remarried later this month and my contribution is the flowers. She and I went “silks” shopping last weekend at a local MICHAELS. In floral design, once again my magic number three is employed. I had her choose a primary flower – the two-toned roses; a secondary flower – the smaller pink blossomed stems and a filler, the neutral creme, multi-blossomed stems. Add greens and ribbon and there you go. Our greens here are varigated to add a little more interest and pull in the neutral. Her colors are dark pink, ivory and silver for the metallic.

    Three types of flowers, greens and ribbons

    I will post a “how to” as I assemble the bouts and bouquets. Silk flowers are easy to work with and very economical for weddings vs. fresh flowers and arrangements. More on that in the tutorial post.

    It’s fair time in Minnesota so check it out here STATE FAIR

    RE USE MINNESOTA is another of my recent web finds. If you get to the state fair check out their decorating exhibit “Room with a “Re” Purpose. Should be interesting.

    ReUSE featured at State Fair We are very excited to present “Room with a ‘Re’Purpose” at the State Fair this year. Through beautiful interior design and furniture ideas, we will demonstrate opportunities to reuse and repair everyday items. In the Eco Experience’s Dept. of Commerce’s energy home.

    In September I’m headed to JUNK BONANZA Check it out for a ton of fun! Am hoping to drag along my son and his lady, because they live down that way and they’re a blast at these things.

    And I’ve found a wonderful reference that lists stores, festivals and junking jaunts, not only in Minnesota but across the country. So even if you’re on vacation you can plan to pop in at a few places along your way! Check it out at

    Answer to last time’s Kim Parker question.

    The question today is “Who is KIM PARKER and why do I love her book so much?”
    Kim is a well known artist and designer of textiles and home design items. She has product lines in many major department stores. I found her through her first book “Kim Parker Home” and was recently very honored to have her join me on HOUZZ as an Artzzle follower. Check out her link or find her on her HOUZZ page (or following along on MY HOUZZ page).

    This time, the question is for you to answer and it’s two part; what does the rest of your summer look like AND will you share your favorite haunts, fests and fairs with me on Artzzle?

    Check out all the article links and attack the new “FUN PLACES” list.
    With weddings and house guests, fairs and fun fests galore, I’m super busy for the next several weeks. But I’ll try to get one or two posts in each week.

    Oops, speaking of guests, I have a bunch coming for dinner tonight, so better get going. Don’t worry, it’s VERY casual and they’re bringing the pizza. All I have to do is clean … oh man, it’s 4:00 already!

    Remember, don’t stress, just start.

    Later – Cheryl

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