Minnesota Nice … AND Busy

In our state we have a saying “Minnesota Nice” because we think we’re pretty likeable. Well, whether the weather is cold or hot, we also keep very busy in Minnesota. August and September are our last warm months of the year, which means busy … busy … busy, and I am too!

Our oldest daughter is getting remarried later this month and my contribution is the flowers. She and I went “silks” shopping last weekend at a local MICHAELS. In floral design, once again my magic number three is employed. I had her choose a primary flower – the two-toned roses; a secondary flower – the smaller pink blossomed stems and a filler, the neutral creme, multi-blossomed stems. Add greens and ribbon and there you go. Our greens here are varigated to add a little more interest and pull in the neutral. Her colors are dark pink, ivory and silver for the metallic.

Three types of flowers, greens and ribbons

I will post a “how to” as I assemble the bouts and bouquets. Silk flowers are easy to work with and very economical for weddings vs. fresh flowers and arrangements. More on that in the tutorial post.

It’s fair time in Minnesota so check it out here STATE FAIR

RE USE MINNESOTA is another of my recent web finds. If you get to the state fair check out their decorating exhibit “Room with a “Re” Purpose. Should be interesting.

ReUSE featured at State Fair We are very excited to present “Room with a ‘Re’Purpose” at the State Fair this year. Through beautiful interior design and furniture ideas, we will demonstrate opportunities to reuse and repair everyday items. In the Eco Experience’s Dept. of Commerce’s energy home.

In September I’m headed to JUNK BONANZA Check it out for a ton of fun! Am hoping to drag along my son and his lady, because they live down that way and they’re a blast at these things.

And I’ve found a wonderful reference that lists stores, festivals and junking jaunts, not only in Minnesota but across the country. So even if you’re on vacation you can plan to pop in at a few places along your way! Check it out at

Answer to last time’s Kim Parker question.

The question today is “Who is KIM PARKER and why do I love her book so much?”
Kim is a well known artist and designer of textiles and home design items. She has product lines in many major department stores. I found her through her first book “Kim Parker Home” and was recently very honored to have her join me on HOUZZ as an Artzzle follower. Check out her link or find her on her HOUZZ page (or following along on MY HOUZZ page).

This time, the question is for you to answer and it’s two part; what does the rest of your summer look like AND will you share your favorite haunts, fests and fairs with me on Artzzle?

Check out all the article links and attack the new “FUN PLACES” list.
With weddings and house guests, fairs and fun fests galore, I’m super busy for the next several weeks. But I’ll try to get one or two posts in each week.

Oops, speaking of guests, I have a bunch coming for dinner tonight, so better get going. Don’t worry, it’s VERY casual and they’re bringing the pizza. All I have to do is clean … oh man, it’s 4:00 already!

Remember, don’t stress, just start.

Later – Cheryl

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The Oomph Returns!

Hi and Happy August.

Regulars know that I’ve been bummed and blue after the recent loss of Freddy. Even my crazy cousins’ visit and our fun shopping escapades, didn’t lift the doom cloud completely. I just haven’t found or projected much inspiration lately.


Energy levels began rising yesterday when Hubs took a mid-week vacation day. Gorgeous weather allowed us to get lots done in the yard. I’m always more energetic when he’s out there working with me! Do you feel like that about your partner? Anyway, look what we cleaned up and hauled to the field.

As is often the case, I forgot about pictures, so no before shots. But you would have just seen “Befores” that were dead trees and shrubs, and big holes in the “Afters”.


One lilac got moved, to replace a cottoneaster shrub, but otherwise no big changes for photo ops. Several other large bushes did get substantial hair cuts, but again, I never thought about B4 images.

Last year this two-trunk oddity came up in a planting bed by the family room west window. We forgot to pull it and this summer it’s gigantic. I think it’s a cast off root of a former shrub that was removed long ago, but can’t remember the name. We decided to let it continue a few more seasons and see what happens.

It’s sad to have to remove trees. As for shrubs, I always assumed if they remained healthy they were long lasting. I’ve learned that many do have long lifespans. But others, especially some of the more woody stemmed varieties like ninebarks, reach a point where they can no longer be pruned effectively and the roots begin taking all the nourishment from other plants in your bed.

The reddish bush pictured below is a 13 year diablo ninebark that will probably have to go next season.


On an ending note here are a couple of shots of our front entrance area.


Here’s a question for you.

Who is Kim Parker and why do I love her book so much?

Find out next time!
Meanwhile, don’t stress, just start.

Later – Cheryl

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