Another Easy “Inside Day” Project

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Hi All.

Artzzle has been building for nearly a year already.

This project was one of the first, and a favorite of mine. Now that I actually have readers and followers, I wanted to share it again. Thought it needed a little more attention.

So ENJOY. And don’t stress about it, just start! This one is REALLY EASY.

With all of the cold and snow of winter, we need lots of “inside day” ideas. This is one of my “Make Do” projects. That’s a – no store shopping, no spending, make do with what’s available -project. My office/studio needed a new bulletin board. So I shopped my house to see what materials I had on hand.

Artzzle Project Feature

My foam core supply was limited to a couple small sheets but my vision was a much larger board. No more cork rolls either, but in Hubs’ shop I found a huge section of cardboard … poof … a backer board! Nothing big enough in my fabric pieces box, but the remnants bin gave me two pretty options for the cover. And that old, faded quilt I had saved for some reason, was plenty big enough for the lining.

The rest is easy, but just involves several steps

  • Measure the wall space and decide what size I want for the finished piece
  • Cut my cardboard to those measurements
  • My liner must be SMALLER than the backer so I subtract two inches from my measurements, EXAMPLE: My back board is 20″ x 40″ so I cut my liner material at 18″ x 38″.
  • Centering the liner on the cardboard; I have an inch of cardboard showing on each edge
  • Next begin taping the liner to a long side of the board

Artzzle Project Feature

  • Once that edge is taped, pull it back and put glue all over the CARDBOARD surface
  • Pull the liner back over the glued cardboard and smooth it out

Artzzle Project Feature

Now TAKE A BREAK and let that dry for a bit. You can put a few heavy books on top to help press it down onto the glue.

  • Next finish taping the remaining three sides to the cardboard
  • Now measure the covering material and it needs to be BIGGER than the cardboard
  • I added four inches to give myself plenty of extra material to work with EXAMPLE: With our 20 x 40 example, we would cut our cover fabric at 24″ x 44″ (and trim later if desired)
  • I ironed my fabric, then spread it face down (the side you want to see on the finished piece)
  • Place your cardboard piece on top of this, so you’re now looking at the raw cardboard back, the liner is in between the finish fabric and your backer, and you see a border of extra front fabric around the edges.

Artzzle Project Feature

  • Now begin the final steps, wrapping and taping the raw fabric edges to the exposed cardboard
  • I like to complete a long edge first, then put just a few pieces on each short side to help position and tighten the fabric
  • Flip it a few times to see how the front is progressing. You don’t want it too loose on the front, but don’t pul and stretch too tightly either
  • When you like how it looks, finish taping the short sides and then the final long one


I hung the finished board using two inner screws and one at each corner.


To cover the screw heads I glued some buttons and beads on top.


Whew, that was a bit long, but it really was easy. Start to finish took about four hours.

Hey, I love hearing from you. What do you think? Leave a reply below . . . and let me know!
Later – Cheryl

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A Quick, E-Z, Make-Do Art Project Any Age Paint Project

A granddaughter’s stay on a recent rainy day, gave us time for a fun, Make-Do project. Our make-do’s are spur-of-the-moment ideas, where we shop the house, garage, shed and workshop for materials and supplies for an art project; there’s no trip to the store for anything. See other Make-Do fun HERE, HERE and HERE. Posing here is my granddaughter Ashley. A basketball and soccer junky with both comedic and artistic talents, she keeps us all entertained. Any Age Paint Project Any Age Paint Project

Today, in the recycle bin, we found some cardboard and styrofoam packing materials in in cool shapes and sizes. In the craft closet there were some dollar-store canvases in different sizes. Some were white cloth, and others were just paper with an image already printed on them. Finally, in the crawl space, we found several colors of latex wall paint.

I always have several sizes of old or “throw-away” paint brushes on hand. These are wall painting brushes, in sizes from 1 – 4 inch widths. You’ll find these in any big-box paint department in bags of mixed sizes but you can get individuals in a specific size too. An Any Age Project

First we covered our work table, then laid out all of our supplies. Each paint container had its’ own brush, so that colors didn’t get mixed together in the cans. We had two sizes of canvases, so first we picked two colors and painted our backgrounds. DON’T FORGET to paint the edges of your canvas as well as just the front. Any Age Paint Project Any Age Art Project

Next we added a little texture to the surface, dabbing our neutral colors onto the canvas with cloth rags. An Any Age Art Project An Any Age Art Project

Then we broke apart the cardboard and styrofoam, into fun shapes. Putting paint on the shapes, we then pressed them onto scrap paper, to experiment and see how we liked the patterns. Now we used the pieces we liked, and pressed designs onto our canvases. An Any Age Art Project

Finally, we decided our work was still lacking, so after practicing some dribbles and splatters, we added a few of those free-hand and there you have it. An Any Age Art Project

1. This is a MESSY project. Either work in an area where paint splatters don’t matter, or be sure to cover table and area surfaces with protective clothes.
2. Assign each color its own brush. Don’t intermix paint colors in their containers.
3. To keep them from drying out, brushes can be loosely wrapped in dampened paper towels between uses.
4. When painting your background, don’t forget to paint the edges of the canvas. This way you won’t have to frame your finished art … unless you want to.
5. Keep a bucket of water and lots of spare rags handy for mishaps.
6. Have one jar of water to put all brushes in when you are finished. An Any Age Art Project An Any Age Art Project

We hung some of our work at my house, and Ashley took some home for her room as well.

Don’t stress about a project, just have fun and start one!

Later – Cheryl

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