Have to Admit It … Fall is Here

Okay, okay … I’m finally willing to say … it’s Fall.

The days are shorter and even the nights are changing, with temperatures dropping down after dark.  Weather has been wonderful though, allowing time to finish up outdoor “summer chores” that still sat undone.

After playing on polyvore this week, Fall finally kicked into gear for me.  It was prob’ly all that gorgeous orange!  Ya know how I love my oranges and browns.

So … today, we “Autumn-ed up” the place a little.

The orange vase was already in the table look, but with Summer’s tail end florals.

An easy switch here, simply using some of my spectacular seedums, a few colorful shrub branches and some rose hips from the garden.

Another quick change, was replacing the middle plate on this wall rack, from summer green to autumn burnt orange.

The hand painted plates, top and bottom, will work right up to Christmas, so they stay.

A bright lamp and one of my glass birds keeps company with more of the artisan pottery set, featured in the table arrangement … and on the coffee table.

Hubs’ favorite wildlife print has moved from over the fireplace, and now resides in the living room, along with an Edna Wolfe water color.

The blues, sands and browns in the painting, play nicely with the room’s orange, brown and aqua accents.

A large strand of silk Autumn leaves, was divided and included in several vignettes throughout the open living spaces, uniting the entire area with a continued look and theme.

Some of the leaves, a different scarf beneath and some earthy pieces now sit atop the piano.  The fun, scalloped table cloth is a mainstay, featured with most every arrangement there.

Remember when we switched rooms around a while back?

Artzzle DECISIONS Feature

Below is the newest look for the fireplace grouping, now in what was once the dining area.

The painting is one of mine … an acrylic, with subject and colors that keep the current look going.

TIP:  Remember Mixing = Maximum Interest.

My group here, has a few larger pieces at varied heights; woods and metallic are combined with glass and pottery items in finishes that – to me – complement each other.

More silk leaves were brought in, and a bit more of turquoise and orange are smuggled in, with the mini vases and fresh flowers (the only blooms left in the garden).

Mom’s copper cannisters were moved from countertop to cabinet top, for some sparkle up there.

Of course, I couldn’t exclude the hutch.  Ooh look at the “O” here!

Featured on a bottom half shelf is part of a cute pottery set I found at DISCOVERY THRIFT.  It was love at first site, but I only wanted the creamer and sugar bowl.  Wendy made me a terrific deal on the entire group; eight covered soup bowls, teapot, creamer and sugar … NEW in the box … $12.00.  Had to take it!

TIP:  Using only glass and china items in a hutch isn’t necessary, and may not be the best way to display.

When all is shiny and bright (especially with the mirror backing), everything just melds together and you don’t see the individual, unique pieces.  Mixing and separating a few groupings, keeps the eye interested and moving to see what’s next.

Some favorite books, a metal, pinecone paperweight and the beautiful walnut mallet Hubs made, occupy the other half of that bottom hutch shelf.  Oh and those cute, vintage bookends.

The front door WREATH was changed out a bit.  Some of the silk maple leaves were added … but the sparkly butterfly stayed.  I couldn’t part with it yet.

Recently, I purchased two indoor/outdoor rugs from BALLARD DESIGNS during one of their great sales.  One is for the entry area right by our front door and the other, a runner for our bathroom (I refuse to use those shaggy toilet rugs!)

As we have no actual foyer, I cover the builder’s vinyl with a nice rug (here, my Ballard Sale rug) and have a small scale chair nearby (ready for taking off those boots).  For Fall, I’ve used a mid-century side chair and used orange & white chalk on my message board

Before closing, a final update.  The two end-tables in the family room got identical little arrangements.  I always keep these small, to allow for frequent use in the seating group.

That was my day.  So, what awesome autumn decorating have you been up to?

Remember, stress less and start more.  And lately, I’m trying hard to stay positive, as it helps me be productive.  Maybe it’ll work for you too 🙂   Have a great weekend.

Later – Cheryl


Picasso, Warhol & Picasa?

Of course you’re familiar with Picasso.


Source:  in fashion chicago.com

Though not among my favorite painters, I enjoy many of his sculptures.  I did learn to value Picasso’s paintings through my college art courses. (At least I came to appreciate the work involved.)

And Warhol . . . you know.  The Campbell’s Soup Can poster.  Warhol’s experiments with color and printing techniques always intrigue me.

Pieces like his  MARILYN SERIES  Source: Art Observed

Poster and illustration are among my favorite art categories, so my strong attraction to Picasa is understandable.


Don’t know Picasa?  That’s not odd, because Picasa is a WHAT not a WHO.  It’s a computer photo software editing program..

Included with the package on my laptop at purchase, I really never explored it until last winter. Remember last winter?  The never ending cold and snow provided plenty of inside time, to attempt something new.  The piece above was created from the original shot, below, using Picasa.


Picasa brought an idea to mind right away. I wanted to make posters for my granddaughters, using photos of them at various ages. Well, the project slid to the back burner until this summer for the girls’ birthdays.


The dates are barely two weeks apart and there is usually a combined party of some sort. Both are teenagers now, but no big celebration this time, as the family was in the middle of moving to a new house.  Always looking for out-of-the-ordinary gifts, I thought this might do the trick.

The poster idea was given up for three shots in a horizontal frame. I had a set of prints in pewter colored frames and I chose mat and image colors to coordinate with the girls’ rooms.   They got new bedding sets from the parent figures.  Carm’s is black, white, gray and hot pink.  Ash chose teal, brown and beige.  So I worked in those ranges.

NOTE:  I saved the cardboard prints for a later fun DIY project!


I was very happy with the final pieces, and so were the girls.  They really liked them and the fact that no one else has anything like it.  When their rooms are newly painted and the art is hung, I’ll pass along better pictures!

Picasa 3 is the version I have.  It includes five menus to play with.  The first two are basic editing options. There are three more menus with lots of fun toys to try out.

Whatever photo edit software you have, play with it to discover all of it’s toys!

And Remember Now . . . don’t stress about a project, just start one!

Later – Cheryl


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The First Alarm Clocks

Company’s a comin’. Busy . . . busy . . . busy! Cleaning, painting, yard and garden work and . . . oh, those mosquito bites! Aahhhck!

So sharing a FUNNY from one of my favorite London sites. Hope you like.

Later – Cheryl


boffin moment

first alram clocks

History rawks don’t it??!!! 🙂

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Fun Finds Projects

Hi All.

Lots of fun finds are stacking up in my workroom lately, so today I experimented with two quick projects. I had a clear glass serving piece bought for $3.99 at DISCOVERY THRIFT in Milaca, MN and a $0.25 metal TV tray from Hand-To-Hand Thrift in Pease, MN.

The glass piece is divided into three sections and I knew I wanted to use it for a candy dish. I’ve had an idea for the tray for quite some time. It will be a chalk and magnetic message board.

Below is the finished candy dish.

Here are the project details.

Glass piece
Clear or white contact paper
Spray Paint
Craft gloves (Optional but preferred)
Paper mask (Optional but preferred)
Exacto Knife
Well ventilated, prepared and protected area for spray painting

1. I cut seperate pieces of contact paper, measured to cover the areas I will paint.

2. On the paper backing of my contact paper, I drew out shapes and designs that I wanted to show on the glass piece. My container has 3 individual sides; I drew stars, assorted triangle shapes and rectangles with roughly rounded corners.

3. Still working from the paper side, I then used an exacto to cut and remove the individual shapes.

4. Next, I carefully removed the backing paper from the contact front, and slowly adhered it to the outside of my bowl.

5. Go slowly and smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles in your contact paper, as best you can. It’s important to have all edges around your open shapes, as tight and smooth to the glass as possible.

6. Prepare your spraying area. I worked in the garage, with a window open and a ceiling fan on. The garage is heated so warm enough for painting. I secured a roomy box to a saw horse, then pulled it out into the room, where nothing would be hit by overspray. Here, you can see an outline of the TV tray I also worked on today, against the back of the box.

Shake your spray can vigorously for a minute or so, and begin.
Wearing your mask and gloves, hold the piece in one hand and begin to spray the sides.

When spray painting, do light, quick sprays from side to side.
Spray … go just beyond your target, then release. Again, side to side, spray quickly and release. Don’t hold down the nozzle for a long time and continue to spray, you’ll start getting clumps and drips in your paint.


The paint I’m using today is Rustoleum Hammered Copper. If you notice what may seem to be bumps in the paint on my finished project, it is just part of this paint’s effect, to resemble the hammering. Ideally, I probably should have used just a regular color or metallic, but this is what I had available and in the color I wanted.

7. When finished painting, carefully place your vase on newspapers, and allow it to dry thoroughly.

8. When it is dry, carefully peal off the contact paper and reveal your design.


TIP: It is nearly impossible to avoid overspray in the other areas of your piece. This has a bit on the bottom of the bowl, and some inside. I’m not too concerned about the overspray. My bowl is primarily for decoration and will hold wrapped candies. But I will probably attempt to use a touch of acetone on a cloth and wipe it out later. That should do it. And make sure if you are serving food in your bowl, that all the excess paint is removed from the inside, to avoid any contamination. Then carefully hand wash your bowl with sudsy water, before using.
TIP: ALWAYS HANDWASH your painted piece. Try not to use excess water on the painted surfaces; just a dampened cloth.


I’ll post the TV tray project tomorrow.

As always, don’t stress, just start.

Later – Cheryl

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