Quick Peeks Into Bedrooms

Hey . . . let’s peek into some bedrooms . . .

at some easy ideas for a new look in yours!

You knew that’s what I meant . . . right?

In the last couple of weeks,
several people have asked me about colors and
something different for bedrooms.
I saw this and wanted to share with you.
It was online, via BHG via HGTV sites and information.

Quick Changes for A Bedroom

With all this retirement time, I’ve been online … A LOT.
So if you have a minute or two … catch me at these spots and,
while there, check out the newbies who’ve signed on lately, too!

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Artzzle Feature

This is OUR Master Bedroom see the rest here and
and an earlier look here.

Hey Gracie … you’re slippin’ baby.

Artzzle FeatureAhh … ain’t she sweet!    Say “Goodnight” Gracie.

We’ll be back soon!

Later – Cheryl

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Whatever … Wednesday #2

Source: United Notions.com

Source: United Notions

Yay! Whatever Wednesday #2
I really am trying …
to making it an ongoing thing!

Still without a camera, I’m online, a lot.
I’ve been studying Pinterest, rearranging boards and adding new ones.
You know me, always changing and rearranging.
Readers, regular or new, please note.
Artzzle’s pinning button doesn’t function right yet,
but I’m working on it!

Do you ever google something and then browse through all its’ images? Today I wanted to look at pin clipart. Not like in Pinterest, but literal pins; straight, safety, “T” and beaded pins. Those kinds of pins. In my search I found these … on this fun site.   I found what I wanted for clip art, but if you love to sew, you’ll find lots more ideas there.

Moda Fabrics/United Notions

Moda Fabrics/United Notions

Also been busy around the house.  Remember this project featured here?

Hubs and I have decided to replace it. Though a fun project, the large size and several parts of this piece can “busy up” wall space. We’re currently working for a cleaner look in our spaces, so will experiment.

It’s almost Thursday, so I’ll close for this time.  Remember not to stress too much about it, just go ahead and start that project. It’ll work out, or if not, at least you’ll learn something!

Later – Cheryl

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