Fall is Halloween and More

Yep, I finally fessed up to the fact that it is Fall. Harvest season with colorful leaves, crisp air, plaids and pumpkins, and (for me) lots of Orange !

Decorating is easy in Autumn . . .

Inside . . .

This quick little display is as simple as just a line of pretty vases, in varied heights, finishes and colors, with a dollar store figurine set between. Don’t have that many things? The middle three pieces would work just as well here.

Outside . . .

Some natural pieces, a pumpkin and an interesting old pail, set on a cedar porch against rough wood siding and your porch is done. The orange color can carry this from Fall through Halloween and on to Thanksgiving.

HINTS: 1. Using varied textures, colors, sizes and heights of objects gives interest to your displays 2. Working with an odd number of pieces can be helpful when starting your display. As you progress, add more, or not.

Pictured here are three individual displays. Either would work on it’s own in a small spaces. Or all could work together like below, where they are on the piano shelf. spread out. The fabric grounds the display and helps the pieces relate to each other. But, let’s take it one step further.

By uniting the three smaller sets, you have a more comfortable, cohesive look. It happens to center with the music rack behind, accomplishing good balance to boot 🙂

Don’t let the thought of decorating discourage you. Keep it simple, use what you like and what you have on hand. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Except for one gift item included, most everything used in these displays was thrifted, from second hand shops, garage sales and the like.

Small can say it all, and you may have just what you need to do it.

One beautiful vase set among houseplants, is more than enough to brighten things up. A copper bowl, a candle holder and a small, colorful kitchen jar take very little space, but hit the spot on this kitchen island. A plant, a pitcher and a few artificial leaves is a quick, easy display. Copper is a wonderful accent for fall. Here a copper tray, a teacup w/saucer and a bright orange basket are simple things but come together nicely with an added touch or two.

HINTS: 1. No matter the scale, in any display the pieces should “play well together”. Which just means they should gather together, even touch rather than having too much space in between (piano photos above). 2. Displays need to be unified. Fabrics and decorative papers are an easy way to achieve this. A bright scarf weaved through or a table runner beneath to ground it.

That covers the Fall and More parts of the title. . . . so . . . on to Halloween :O

Here’s are two fun, easy projects for almost any age.

A mobile is always fun, but especially at Halloween. And these cute cutouts work on little handout bags on Halloween night, for candy. Find “how-to” and print files below.

Halloween Handout  Bags

LINKS to projects and cutout HERE and HERE

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Enjoy your Fall, your home . . . and your Halloween. Be safe.

Until next time – Cheryl