Art Crawl, Y’all

“Autumn Ride to the Farm” Acrylic on canvas

Okay, corny, but I needed something that rhymed with crawl. I’m attending a fun art event tomorrow and wanted to tell you all about it! Pictured today are some of my older artworks, as I mostly paint walls and wood lately.

Minnesota’s metropolitan Twin Cities are not the only artistic areas the state has. I was afraid that might not be the case when I moved up to the Princeton area. I was very surprised and happy to discover many opportunities and great organizations up here, that interest and support artistic endeavors of all kinds.

“Social Security Check” Conte on paper.

St. Cloud, Minnesota is a heavy art area and that’s where Hubs and I are headed tomorrow. Here’s the scoop

St Cloud Sizzling Summer Art Crawl
August 23, 2013
10 A.M – 9 P.M.

What time is it? It’s Art Crawl Time! Come crawl St Cloud’s Historic Downtown Sizzling Art Crawl August 23rd, 10am-9pm. Over 30 venues will host 50+ local artists, including undergrads and graduates of the SCSU studio arts program.
There will be an Art Off! From 4pm-6pm, in which a group of artists will live paint to the funky bluegrass stylings of the Zombie Pit String Band. Art work made to the tasty licks of the Zombies will be auctioned off after the event.
Hoopers, fire breathers, musicians and demonstrating artists will be located up and down the the streets to perform and tantalize the senses.
And for the kids we have the elbow pot exchange at the Mahowald Plaza where kids can make and exchange clay pots.
Are you ready to get your art on?
For more information, check out our website at ART CRAWL ST. CLOUD

“Experiment in Color & Technique” Water color on paper.

And there’s more. The exhibit “Art as a Catalyst for Social Change” is on display from June 20th – August 30th in the Paramount Theater lobby (free admission). Tomorrow, the public is invited to join Juror, Michael Strand at a reception on August 23rd, 4-6pm with an awards ceremony at 5pm. for participants in this exhibit. The ceremony will be held in the Paramount Lobby. LINK HERE for complete information.

The long promised (but probably not long awaited) tutorial on the wedding flowers will be posted next week. They’re all done and the big event is tomorrow. Hubs dropped them off today and I received the official OK from the bride. Whew, now I can relax!

Before I go I wanted to share this recent shot from my front garden.

We have a family of three robins that resides in the big old ninebark right by our front door. The dad always cusses me out when I go out to water, but then he flaps around in the puddle, the fickle fella!

Here’s baby Robin broadcasting his opinion from our tomato cage yesterday. Ahh … I love where I live!

As always, don’t stress about a project, just start one.

Later – Cheryl

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