Friday Features

Hi All.

Here’s ………….. FRIDAY.

Once again, time for Friday Features.

First, a quick update on what’s happening around Artzzle. There is a bit more work to be done on the TV tray project mentioned last week. You’ll see it soon. Artzzle is feeling tired and wants a make-over. So we’re on the search for ideas, with the goal to introduce a fresh face in January. No promises, but it would be great to launch the new year in with a new look. That’s the goal.

Friday Features are never difficult. The only hard part is deciding which three sites to use out of the many possibilities! You may be a bit surprised at my choices this week.

Photo Courtesy of GFPH blog.

Yes, you read that right. The home is gluten-free, though not the poodles. I know that because the poodles are one of Gloria’s ceramic collections. She blogs about collecting and decorating, but could never try any great online recipes as she has CELIAC DISEASE. As a registered dietitian, she knows the scoop, so she added a section that gives some great gluten-free recipes (also great for diabetics … like me)! I also like most of them because they are EASY and you all know how I hate to cook! 🙂

C’mon now, who can resist poodles, collections and tasty food that’s easy to make?
Check her out and be sure to tell her Cheryl at Artzzle says hi! Here’s GFPH.
IMAGE Copyright © 2013 Artzzle All Rights Reserved

Next is LEAF and TWIG
Short and sweet, the title and the blog, but absolutely beautiful. My love of photography and poetry drew me to this site. At the time of publication, I had not received permission to exhibit a photo from their site, so have featured one of mine.

They introduce their page as “Where observation and imagination meet nature in poetry”. Each post greets you with a colorful nature photograph accompanied by short, elegant lines of HAIKU. My mornings begin with this post as first open. Discover LEAF and TWIG.

Photo courtesy of TSH blog

Third one is a charm … and THE SEASONED HOMEMAKER is that and more.

Leslie is a mom and grandma, who loves her home and shares many homemaking talents on the blog. Truly a woman for “all” seasons, she sews, cooks, decorates and gardens. With sewing expertise she has opened a successful Etsy shop, selling patterns for her custom designs. Always busy, Leslie is presently sharing a journey through down-sizing in a newly built home. Lots to like here. Take a look at TSH

I’ll send at least one more post before next week’s holiday.

Until next time, as always, don’t stress too much, just start something.

Later – Cheryl

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5 thoughts on “Friday Features

  1. Cute! Thanks for the linky! I enjoy your friendly, breezy writing style. I’ll check out the other two blogs. I hope you’ll try my low carb “One minute bread” LOL. Right up your alley!

  2. I’ve been a fan of Leaf and Twig for months already – glad you featured it for others to enjoy. And thanks for the GFPH link – I’ve been gluten free for almost 8 years now, and I bake from scratch when I can – Glad to have new recipes that someone else has proven out.

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