Enough Already!

Hi All.

Enough with winter already.


Since November, it’s been snow . . .


and Snow . . .



We live in Minnesota, an hour northwest of the Twin Cities. We’ve had 37″ of snow so far and our average amount at this date is 21″ or so.

It’s still only February, so we know that means . . . “it ain’t done yet!”

It isn’t a monster below . . . it’s my Mister . . . after digging out.


Digging out his truck that was stuck for two days in a 4′ drift at the top of the driveway.
Digging out the propane tank so they can deliver the 175 gallons of gas at a $595.16 cost.
Digging out a space to start the snowblower and find the rest of the driveway.

They say you can’t avoid death, taxes . . . or the weather.

Well, we’re healthy.
We already filed taxes and will even get a bit of a refund.
The snowblower works fine, and winter does have to end . . . sometime . . . RIGHT?

So, we’re trying to brighten up our spaces a bit. I put a new runner and scarf on the table, brought out vases in those colors and put a few houseplants in them.


Do you think it helped a little? Even so, it’s not enough!

Problem is, now I don’t like all our brown and beige walls. That’s a pretty big problem too, because I just painted those walls last year around this time. Hey, I love new paint, I just don’t love putting it on the walls!

And I keep seeing all these other wonderful colors everywhere.

Leslie over at the SEASONED HOMEMAKER brighten up with some pretty new toss pillows. Leslie’s great at sewing though . . . me, not so much!

Look at this recent HOUZZ update. BECKY DIETRICH, HOUZZ Contributor is one of my favorite writers over there.

Centsational Girl, is into blues, grays and all kinds of fun today, TAILORED TOUCHES TO THE MASTER bedroom.

I’ll need to be satisfied with daydreaming for a bit, as we have to handle that propane bill first.

Are you fending off winter blahs? Let me know how, because YOU KNOW I love hearing from you! Meantime, stay warm, stay safe and . . . don’t stress, just start something!

Later – Cheryl

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4 thoughts on “Enough Already!

  1. I could wish you would send some of that snow this way – we’re in such a serious drought, for the tenth year, that all of us in the boonies on private wells are worried we’ll go completely dry!
    Oh, the 10PM weather just announced we actually might get a storm later in the week. Thanks, you responded even before you knew it!

    • Heh heh. I wish I did have connections like that! Funny thing is, last summer we were in droughts throughout the state here, as well. This snow most likely will mean severe spring floods, but probably won’t help the hardened ground much.

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