What ARE These Things?

Wow, I’m getting this Whatever Wednesday series down!

Everyone knows how I love to use everyday items in unusual ways.  When I found these at the local thrift store where I volunteer … well, I wondered “What the heck are these things”? But I didn’t really care what they were supposed to be for.  I just knew exactly what I was going to do with them.


It’s doubtful I’ve ever mentioned it, but among my other collectibles, I have tons of purses.


Lately Hubs and I have been on this “down-sizing” campaign, trying to rid our little abode of all things not regularly used … i.e. we’ve been clearing out a lot of stuff. I hesitate to use the word “junk”, because most of it was loved and valued at one time or another.

Anyhoo, this week I attacked all those purses.  For many moons now, I’ve wanted to give my little walk-in closet a new look, so figured this was a great way to start.  For you ladies out there, I don’t know how this number will hit you, but my purses numbered twenty.  In all fairness, that does include a leather fanny pack and a tiny black evening purse, so technically only eighteen.

I use an easy method when “cleaning out” and I’ll share that in a later post  But after pairing down the purses …

I got back to those brass thing-ies.


Each piece was dismantled …


removing the hooks from their mountings …


and then working them through the wire shelving in my closet.

You’re seeing double here because I have a full length mirror on the back wall of the closet.


And now, I put my original idea into motion.


I don’t mind that these hang down over the mirror because we have another one in the adjacent hallway.  The closet mirror is mostly to get more light in there.


I’m really happy with this project, because I love having the purses in easy view and access.  More importantly, I gained a ton of shelf space where these had been stuffed in.


1.  The four brass hook deals were $1 for all.  I saved the brackets … I’m sure I’ll use those somewhere!


So, how many purses are okay? Is twenty too many, is five not enough?
You know how curious I am, so tell me what you think.
And … how many do YOU have?

Later – Cheryl


12 thoughts on “What ARE These Things?

  1. I’m one of those weird ladies who only uses one purse – well, one and a half, since I have a very large wallet-type mini-purse that goes inside my big one but which I occasionally carry by itself. I do own an evening bag, Chinese green embroidered silk, that I’ve carried maybe three times in forty years. Your storage idea is clever, and I may adapt something similar for my collection of scarves. I have quite a variety that I use to tie back my hair, now that it is again long in back.

    • I had no idea I had that many! At the little thrift store where I volunteer, purses are only $1 – $2 each, or just included in our Bag Sales (everything you can get in a brown grocery bag, all for $6). We only put out very clean and/or new purses and … they’re so cute! I actually managed to donate several though so that helped. Your scarf idea is a good thought. (I’ve got a lot of those too!)

  2. Wow, that worked great. I wonder what they really were? Curtain hooks? I added a long curtain rod on one side of my closet and have all my scarves looped on that.
    Here’s my crazy idea for how I finally got my clothes under control. Once a year I turn all the hangers backwards. As I wear and wash them I put them back right. At the end of the year everything still backwards goes..no excuses. After 3 years of doing that I had a good amount.

      • I have several scarves, including some heavy ones for winter. I got a hanging “shoe rack” – the kind with soft mesh pouches. It’s double sided, but since it’s soft that’s not a problem. I put a hook on the inside of my closet door and hung it there. I roll my scarves neatly put them in the pouches. 20 scarves hanging on the back (inside) of the closet door out of the way.

    • I was surprised that I could actually let some of the purses go, but someone else will hopefully have as much fun with them as I did 🙂 Great to hear from you Charlotte. You’ve been so busy of late. I always enjoy your music videos! The shot of you in Paris was marvelous … and that outfit, very chic!

  3. I haven’t counted mine, but am sure I have over 20 purses. Purses have always been my passion. Love matching them with my shoes, and oh so many shoes also. I may only carry certain purses once or twice a year, but is nice to have them to match. But am going to try to pare them down. There are lots of organizations that I could donate them too. Thanks for the nudge.

    • I think there are quite a few of us “purse people” around, Shirley. First of all I chose two absolute favorites and one that specifically went with a favorite jacket. Then I sorted by colors and thinned those down. Next everything went into winter or summer groups and those were attacked. The remaining number works well, but I do have a couple small ones tucked inside the hanging purses. Have to confess 😦 Glad you stopped by..

      • I’m a handbag junkie. Every 3 or 4 months I buy a new purse in TJ Maxx. Cute, lovely colors, and affordable prices. I like LARGE purses, so space is a problem. In my closet system is a large corner with shelves. Two sections hold my handbags, except the 3 tiny evening clutches in a drawer. Every few months, when I need space or tire of a bag, I select ones I’m ready to give up…either sell them at a consignment store or donate them. But first I take an armload in and offer them to my book club. They know I treat my bags well and some I don’t carry often, so they don’t mind choosing a hand-me-down. Space empty?– go purse shopping!!

  4. I’m a fellow purse junkie too. I’ve never counted them and to be honest, I’m a bit scared to cuz I’m pretty sure i have alot more than 20! Quite a few of my nicer ones I actually got at my local Goodwill. I recently found two Stone Mountain leather shoulder bags in like new condition that I got for $2.99 each…score!! Didn’t need them but geez, I can’t pass up such a bargain.

    • Great find on those two leathers! Purses and shoes were more of a thing for me when I worked in the Corporate world. Being retired has loosened me up a bit, but seems to have spiked the urge for organizing my spaces 😀 Glad you liked the post.

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