Hi All. Here’s another super easy project using things you’ll already have around the house.  NOTE: YOU DON’T NEED A LOT OF FANCY TOOLS.

SUPPLIES (Not pictured is a small tension-rod for your window. If you don’t have one, they are found in curtain departments and are very inexpensive.)

PAINT SAMPLE CARDS and TISSUE BOXES are two of my favorite recycled/reuse craft items. They have beautiful colors and designs and are a great weight for cut-outs.

This project I also used more wrapping paper cutouts and punches, and a big red felt placemat among my post-season stash. It had a whopping $0.24 price tag. Though I did use a few punches here, I also did many things the old fashioned way . . . folding and cutting out larger heart shapes to use.

 The wonderful set of punches featured in some of these projects – are not mine. They were on loan from my daughter. I mention this so people won’t be discouraged. Most of my work is done with ordinary, everyday items like scissors, exacto knife and salvaged papers. Same goes for glue. You don’t have to have a hot glue gun or a glue wheel for everything. Less expensive double-sided tapes, tacky glue or elmer’s are available everywhere, and get the job done just fine.


Cut five pieces of string. I used twine here. A number of things work; yarn, curling ribbon or fish line. You it light weight enough to have a bit of movement as it hangs down. I cut my longest piece at 25”. Two more pieces were cut at 20” and finally, two pieces at 17”.

TIP: You’ll want to measure your window and see how long you want your pieces. REMEMBER that longer is better, so you have enough to tie to your rod, and more is always good because too much is better than not enough.

Here I laid out my string. Tops are held down with fun-tac putty and I’ve added my jingle bells at the bottom to help straighten out the twine. Trying a few dry design placements with my cutouts, when satisfied, I began to glue items to the twine.

NOTE: The paper shapes are all doubled. You NEED TWO IDENTICAL PIECES for each display on your string. When applying, you will lay one cutout FACE DOWN, then place your string over it, and glue the matching cutout over the top. As well as helping the pieces adhere to the string, this gives you a pretty view from either side.

Valentine’s Day is winter of course, so your window will be closed. But you’ll still get movement and in my example, I’ll have lots of movement since this window is above a heat register. In summer, you’ll get breeze from the open window.

Now all I have to do is tie my strings to the curtain rod.

In my Christmas Window Project SEEN HERE I used coordinating wrapping paper to make a sleeve for the rod. For today’s project, I simply tacked some matching ribbon to the front of the rod so I could hang it higher in the window.

See you soon for more fun.
As always, try not to stress about it, just start your project.

Later – Cheryl

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72 thoughts on “VALENTINE Projects

  1. I really love your crafty style. I can’t stand going to a craft store for all of my supplies, without first looking in my craft closet to see what can be used. Love the simplicity of this project, and I really love that even the kids can do it.

    • I know what you mean. I have tons of things here . . . Hubs says I save everything (meaning WAY TOO MUCH junk) but I always find things to do with it. Thanks for stopping over. Am checking out your place too.

    • Personally, I like the EZ projects the best. Never know when you’ll need a last-minute little bit of bling. It’s great for the kids and us big kids too. I’m not much of a cook . . .so I better check out your site for some tips. Thanks for stopping.

    • Thanks for stopping by Darcel. I love your latest “Simple Life” post. The photos are great . . . especially the three loveys with their heads together! Cuties. I know you can make my projects, but I have never learned to knit. Tried it once and got a big long, mishapen thing will holes all over it!

  2. Wow this is so creative! I bet your house is hoing to look super romantic, thanks for sharing! I discovered your blog from SITS Tribe and I’ll be back for some creative inspiration! x

    • I’m not too super at crafting, but love to try . . . that’s why I go with the easy stuff. Amazingly, a lot of what I do comes from childhood inspiration and a fantastic mom. Plus kid’s nursery and summer art classes. That kind of thing.
      Thanks for stopping by. Will do the same soon. Go SITS girls.

  3. Cheryl, I love this idea! I love how you cut your hearts out of the poinsettia, but my favorite line was about it blowing in the summer breeze…ah, if only! Thanks for the pretty project and the dreamy visual! 😉

    • Ah, yes . . . and this winter too, shall pass. Can’t get rid of it soon enough for me! This really is a fun warm weather project. You can add strands of silky ribbons that will give you even more wonderful movements. Thanks so much for stopping by. Of course you know I am already a big fan of your site. I’ll check my mail and see what’s up today over at your place.

    • I’m better at lots of other things than crafting, but like to show projects that we can do by ourselves or with kids, and they have to be EASY. So there you go!
      Your site is very uplifting. I’ll be following.

    • I’m more of an artist than a crafter, so I like finding easy projects. I have three teenage grandaughters who inspire me too. Your site is just the information I’ve been looking for, to develope my blog further. I signed up. SO glad you stopped by today. Stay safe and warm during your latest weather weirdness.

  4. What a fun and adorable project! This would be great to customize for any holiday, and it looks so easy. My kids love to get crafty and I bet they’d love this, it even looks easy enough for my 5 year old to help with.

    Stopping by from #SITSBlogging, just playing catch up.

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